Elodie Xav's ideal job

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My ideal job is forensic medecine medical examiner / coroner (medecin legiste in French).

It's mission is to give an opinion on the medical evidence that may assist the judicial authorities in their investigations.


He or she It may be called to intervened when the judicial authorities request as part of an investigation (and expertise).
It is called each time a death is declared and that the death appears suspicious.
The pathologist examines the bodies to know witch how way they died. This step is called the autopsy.


It may also intervened in case of injury or rape to determine the aggressor and estimate damage.

To determine the cause of death may examine the victim at the scene. It can also perform an autopsy (medico-legal) carried to out at the morgue. It is he who takes care of the fingerprint identification, examination of blood stains and/or sperm, and the examination of clothing..if it is a crime.



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