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Saint bBarthélémy d’aAnjou is situated in the west of France.
This city is in the department « PAYS DE LA LOIRE » , more precisely in « MAINE ET LOIRE ».
Today, there are 8 822 inhabitants in St Barthélémy d’Anjou. His Its total surface is of 14, 58 Km².
There is a city hall


and a church


When I was little, I often went with my boyfriend pPaul -in to the park which is a side of next to my home.
It was the park Pignerolles


we loved to play in games, especially in with the web of spider spider webs.
After we were racing raced bikes aisles in large parks and we were playing played a hide and seek.
Sometimes we were not going did not go to the park to play and we stayed home before with the scooter or the portable console.

Then we grew up and we were still boyfriends, I played with him and he played with me, we played ball on the manhole covers.
We built a hut in my garden with sheets and chairs and we were very happy we.
One day while his parents were invited over by my parents they told us they would relocate move away.
In to another city on the other side of France in the Ssouth. Since I do have not seen him once, laughing with that friend was the good old days.

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