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Doué la Fontaine
History : There are t Twenty million years ago, Miocene, sea turtles and other cetaceans ?? rippled between the coral reefs in the territory of the current Doue-la-Fontaine. Later, the removal of water gave way to a thick layer of coquina: falun ??. Some tools and other polished stones suggest the existence of prehistoric life but the first traces of plausible prolonged occupation of the territory date back to the Gallo-Roman period. Gifted ?? is already at the crossroads of important routes between Poitou, Angers and south of the Loire.

Doue-la-Fontaine, head of the canton, is part of the Community of Municipalities of the Region of Doue-la-Fontaine and Country of Saumur. It is the perimeter of the Regional Natural Park Loire-Anjou-Touraine (PNR) (NPL)and adheres to the Tourist Pole International (PTI) (TPI)

- Forty industrial populations in several areas of activity
- Thirty nurseries
- More than 300 artisans and merchants, a group of artisans and merchants gathered douessins ??
- A vibrant city center, activities offered throughout the year
- 3419 dwellings (2007 census)
- an intense community life with forty associations
- a theater with a varied cultural program of high quality
- sports equipment performance
- many services available to people
- 10 sights to discover the city of roses and troglodytism
- a swimming pool open all year

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