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My city: Angers

Angers is a city in the west of France located in the "pPays-de-Loire" and it is the capital of the region "Maine-et-Loire."


Prehistory And Antiquity:

The first sign of human precsence in Angers dates back to 400 000 past after J.C. It is an sword. By the end of the Age of Iron, Angers is a was relatively densely populated.

Middles Ages:

Ten Merovingian sarcophagi (including two children) were revealed on 23 September 23, 2008 on the occasion of during the tramway works on the site of the old church of St. Maurille. tThe first abbey, Saint-Aubin is designed to house the tomb of Aubin. The Abbey of Saint Sergius, was founded by the Merovingian kings Clovis II and Thierry III, following in the middle of the seventh century.


King René of Anjou contributed to the local economic stimulus plan, since Angers was very affected(allocated) at the beginning of the XVth century by the after effects of the plague ( 1347-1350 ) and by the ceaseless conflicts, of which including the Hundred Years' War ( 1337-1453 ). He was a man of a big culture and a big generosity,. hHe made of Angers an important cultural and political center or and he maintained a literary and learned court. He fitted out the staves of the castle of Angers in menagerie, created places of walkways and flowery gardens. He created, in Angers, the second order of Croissant, totally different from the precedent. The ambition of this order was to be of a prestigious level comparable to that some of Golden fleece, created a few years before.
In 1474, Louis XI maneuversed against good king René, of from whom he wishesd to annex his domain. TRADUCTEUR ?

My History ain Angers

By For the July 14th parties of the French rRevolution, my city organizes a big fireworks displaya bove the big river which passes in through my city ( The Loire).

In On Christmas on in the big place square of my city there are small wooden huts where one can bought buy of hats of Father Christmas, puzzles, etc…. Farther there is another wooden hut or that has it a sir man disguised as Father Christmas which who embraces children and listens to their lists of presents and takes photos with them.

In music festivals on a big place full of groups of singers pass and énorméments of people dancent where listen to by drinking. ??