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Vauchrétien is in the department of Maine et Loire in the region of Pays de la Loire. The village is near
Brissac-Quincé, Notre-dame-d’allencon, Saint Melaine sur Aubance and Les Alleuds. It is a little village but
is beautiful for to me. The area of the surface of Vauchrétien is 1973 hectares (19.73 km2) with an altitude
minimum of 29 meters and the maximum is 92 meters. The citizens of Vauchrétien are appointed called :
Valchristinois and Valchristinoises. The citizens of Vauchrétien have elected Hervé Faes as Mayor of
the town of Vauchrétien.
In 2009 , there are were 1472 inhabitants who have increased since 1900. The construction of the church of Vauchrétien was begun at the end of the X century. A fire in destroyed its roof in 1974.
In my village you can play of do the competition of belote, hikeing, theater performance, andcultural activities.
But me, in my village I play football on in the stadium.


I hang out with my friends during the holiday.

And in my house I play video - games (xbox) with my brother and my mother often reads books.

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