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I'm going to introduce Falaise to you.
Falaise is a little town in Normandy.
Falaise is an old town. The district of Falaise was founded in the fourth centuriesy BC
The town of Falaise was built around a castle.
Its name is Franc (the old French langage), falaise comes from an old German word "Falisa" which means "Rock".

Falaise has a great old castle. This castle first builde dates of ninth centuries. It was modified in three time.

The first time : A great donjon ("keep" in English) was erected by Henri Ier Beauclerc the fourth son of William the Conqueror during the twelfth century.
The second time : A second donjon was probably desired and financed by Henri II Plantagenêt during the twelfth century too. This donjon was small.
The third time : The last donjon was builde built by the king of France Philippe-II-Auguste at the beginning of the thirteenth century. It was used for to defend the castle not like the first and the second donjon.

In Falaise was born William the Conqueror between 1027-1028.
In 1174, the Treaty of Falaise was signed by the King of Scotland, William the Lion.
The city was taken by the king Henri IV at the beginning of 1590 during the religious war.
800px-Chateau-falaise-calvados.jpg (by Nitot, Wikipédia)
In Falaise there are two churches.

Falaise have has the "Legions of Honor" the most important medal in France.

The battle of the "Falaise pocket" was held in August 1944. Falaise, already strongly affected by the strategic bombing of June 7 during the Operation Overlord, has undergone further destruction.
709px-Falaisegap.jpg (Wikipédia)

Falaise, during the last three century has lost nearly half of is population.
Falaise has now 8 333 residents.


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