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I'm going to introdiuce to yourself the French rock band Noir Désir (1980-2010).

It's a French rock band created in Bordeaux in 1980 by Bertrand Cantat, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Denis Barthe and Vincent Leriche.

This rock band is often cited as the best French rock band.
They made a total of six album like "Des visages des figures" or "666.667 Club".
In 2003 the singer, Bertrand Cantat was condemned for the homicide of Marie Trintignant.
The Lithuanian justice has requested 8 years of imprisonment for Bertrand Cantat. The judges have retained "Murder in the case of indirect intent undetermined", also known as, Involuntary manslaughter.
During 2007 he was liberated for good behavior after is an application for parole.

Bertrand Cantat is singer and guitarist,
Serge Teyssot-Gay is guitarist,
Jean-Paul Roy is bassist,
Denis Barthe is drummer.

The band was dissolved in 30 december 2010.

My favourit song is probably Lost, the most important hit I think.