David L.


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Hello I'm David I'm sixteen years old.
I study biology and science, I will study English, French and history next semester.
My favourite subjects are history and the biotechnology.
I didon't do anything because I don't have the time…
In my free time, I like to play video game, watch video and movies and listen to music. I like to read but, I don't do this a lot. I read manga, for example I like One Piece.
My favourite films is "Shaune of the Dead" because they speak about Zombie.
My favourite band is Linking Park.
I don't read a very good book…
I'm a funny person and I like speaking about a lot of things (science, work, hobbies or anything else). I like go to party and play game whith my friends.

Bonjour. Comment allez vous? Mon nom est Tyler. J'ai 18 ans. J'aime accroché avec mes amis, et jouer au baseball. Mes matières préférées sont l'histoire, l'art, et en français.

Hello Tyler! Nice to meet you. I'm fine and you? What do you do in your city? Sports in clubs? Or out with friends?


My holidays

During my holidays, I went to the "Pays Basque", a region between France and Spain. I went to the Gugenheim in Bilbao in Spain, and I went to Espelette, a French city.
After I returned to my house, I went to the region of the "Sarthe" another French region and I saw my family during for two days.
The 24 december I saw my father's family. We have eaten ate a lot and my presents were a dvd, some cash and a video game.
The 25 december I saw my mother's family. We have eaten ate a lot again and I had got 4 T-shirts, 3 Comic Books and again some cash.

At the 31 december I went to a party with family friends. We make played a game "Cromagnon", we have eaten ate and make made a random draw for to have a present.

During the end of the holidays I Didn't do anything special, I have reading read my Comic Books, a played to my new video game, I have and watched TV.
I just saw a few friends.

Here is what I did on my vacation.
Thanks for reading!