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Expression 1:


What would I like to do in the future?
It's a good question!

To begin with, I hope to obtain my A-Levels because it's important to continue my studies.
After my A-Levels, I'd like to study in the IUT in Angers to get my DUT.
I'd like to go to this university because the curriculum of this type ofstudies is very interesting for me because we study biologya lot of biology and I love this subject.
I love studying the human body or the different reactions which take place in our bodies.
In the future, I want to work in the medecal field, particulary in research.
I want to help medecine and work to find solutions to the many diseases which kill many poeple every year.
To fulfil my objectives and in order to save many lives of poeple who are sick, I want to enrol in an engineering school to complete my studies(: after my DUT), obviously in Biotechnology!

Expression 2 :


To be a good employee, you must have many qualities, but equally it depends on the job.
In general, you must be able to adapt to different professional situations, to be able to fit in.
It's obvious that you must be ponctual. It's not a good thing if you are often late and the boss can fire you for this problem.
To be a good employee you must take initiatives and to be sensible in your job; a good employee is versatile and can adapt to *any** situations.
You must be motivated and when you start a new job, you must be able to do overtime.
Autonomy is a principal asset for a good employee because he/she can do the work with no difficulty and if he/she is autonomus, it's more profitable for a boss because he can count on his employees* to do **things in the job alone, with no help.
Motivation is necessary to be a good employee, because if you aren't motivated, you don't do a good job and your boss can fire you for incompetence.
In conclusion, naturally, to be a good employer you must make good coffee for your boss!!!!!
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I must say, both texts are very good. Don't forget that in the 2nd text, it's "employee" & not "employer". Also, have a look at the modals in your text : there is no "to" after each modal, as in must make & not "must to make". Anyway, GREAT work!