Courtin T S

Note 7,5/20

__Total = 6/16

2/6 points pour l'Anglais (insuffisant)
1/3 points pour le choix/Intérêt du texte (pas assez intéressant)
1/3 points pour un texte personnel ou personnalisé (personnalisé, oui, mais trop d'erreurs)
1/2 points pour le nombre de mots (pas assez)
Non noté/2 points pour le respect droits
Non noté /2 points pour la bibliographie
1/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page (pas assez attrayant)

My work on the movies "Pour Elle" "or "Anything for her" here…

The hitory story is a polize accuse about a woman who is accused of murder but she don't a murderer didn't kill anyone . the married Her husband finds a solution for to free her. he succeeded succeeds .
the film is very good because there are a is suspense , it's a film of action , and he it is very interessant interesting . I find the French version of this movie is better than the American version because I prefer the French male actor, Vincent Lindon. However, I prefer Elisabeth Banks in the American movie .