Coralie Le P S Blog

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hello! As I wasn’t here last time, let me introduce myself. My name is Coralie. I am 15 years old. I live in St Martin du Fouilloux. I am interested in sports. Every week I go to play badminton. My favorite subjects are math and physics. I like r&b. St Martin du Fouilloux is a pretty little town. There are 2,500 people living there. Bye!!

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hello!! As I accidentally deleted everything on this blog, I'll tell you about where I live again. So, I live in St Martin du Fouilloux, which is a quiet little village lost in the countryside. The climate is temperate, and it doesn’t snow too much in winter. There is a forest and a few ponds. The people in my village are very friendly, but there are also some nasty people like everywhere you go! Bye!!!

Posted on 01/03/2011
Hello! I am happy because the holidays have started. I love holidays. I don’t know what I am doing during the holidays, but I will probably play sport or just rest. I am happy to play sport and rest because the second quarter of the year has finished. Bye

Posted on 12/03/2011
Hello!! I am sad because the holidays are finished, but I enjoyed myself. I played a lot of badminton, and I played with my brothers. I rested, but while playing badminton, I injured my hip. I did my homework, and I saw my friends. With my friends, I went to the cinema to see ‘Son Jo’, and we went to the ice rink. It was funny because we fell. Bye

Posted on 31/03/11
We watched the film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ by Michael Moore.
I learnt that in the United States, everybody can have a gun. The stories in this film were impressive. In the United States, everybody has the right to carry a gun. People are fearful in the United States, and so they carry a gun. There was a story presented of a little girl who was shot and killed by a classmate. Another story of a shooting at a school in Littleton was also shown. During this shooting, 12 students were killed. What made the film really interesting was the portrayal of Americans and their opinions.

Posted on 07/04/11
Hello the project that we have done this quarter has not been too interesting for me, and I didn’t have too much time to worry about it. I do many activities outside school. In addition, some subjects do not interest me. Nevertheless, I have learnt things on the truth about global warming.

Posted on 12/04/11
Hello!! The past week has been a small, quiet week. We the girls were summoned to go visit godmothers. We were not at school on Wednesday afternoon and on Friday afternoon. It has been a quiet week. However, last Sunday I hurt my knee. = (

Posted on 15/04/11
Hello! This weekend, I’m going to the capital city Paris with my grandparents. I’m going to see my family. I was meant to go to a regional championship, but as I am hurt, I am not going to be able to go. I am disappointed because I was selected for two divisions: singles and women doubles.

Posted on 21/04/11
Hello! It is the holidays! I have been waiting for it with impatience. I am not going to be able to write anything during the holidays because I’m going to Corsica for two week. I will briefly tell you of my journey when I get back.

Clara 05/24/11

Sorry! Sorry! I did not know that you where still posting on this page! I was only checking the group blog. I feel bad now.
That is so cool about your town. I wish our town was that nice. Own town has a population of 2,480 when they bib the 2000 census (Okanogan, Washington wiki). In the United States we have Preschool which can be started at any age. Then kindergarten, the first year you go to school. You start this when you are 5 years old. Grades K-5 is called Elementary school. The Middle school is thorough 6th to 8th. High school is 9th grade to 12th grade. In our high school there are 280 students. In high school, our senior year, there is not big test we have to take to graduate. This is because we, the students, take a test in 10th grade. This test is on Reading, Writing, Math and Science.
In our town there is little public transportation. I get around by my bike. I can drive but I don’t like to.

Désolé! Désolé! Je n'ai pas su que vous où postant toujours à cette page! Je vérifiais seulement le blogue de groupe. Je me sens mal maintenant.
C'est si frais(cool) de votre ville. Je regrette que notre ville ne soit pas qu'agréable. La propre ville a une population de 2,480 quand ils le bavoir le recensement 2000 (Okanogan, Washington wiki). Aux États-Unis nous avons Préscolaire qui peut être commencé à n'importe quel âge. Alors le jardin d'enfants, la première année vous va à l'école. Vous le commencez quand vous avez 5 ans. Les catégories k-5 sont appelées l'École primaire. Le Collège est minutieux 6ème à 8ème. Le lycée est la 9ème catégorie à la 12ème catégorie. Dans notre lycée il y a 280 étudiants. Dans le lycée, notre terminale, il n'y a pas le grand test que nous devons prendre pour obtenir un diplôme. C'est parce que nous, les étudiants, prenons un test dans la 10ème catégorie. Ce test est sur la Lecture, l'Écriture, des Maths et la Science.
Dans notre ville il y a peu de transports en commun. Je me déplace par mon vélo. Je peux conduire mais je n'aime pas à.