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My ideal job is a laboratory technician working for the technical and scientific police.

This job belongs to the public function.

Genetic fingerprints, study of false documents, examination of paint, explosives, weapons.. The technician looks for the identification of the persons who commit some infractions. The technician helps the officers in charge of an investigation.


In laboratory, there are different technicians, because there are different specialties.
There are :
Ballistic : It's the study of weapons, munitions, trajectory of shots.
Biology : It's the analyze of blood, hair, sperm or genetics fingerprint.
The documents : It's the analyze of false writing.
The fire and the explosions : It's the study of explosives.
Physical and chemistry : It's the study of paints, residues of shots.
The drugs : It's the analyze of drugs.

I would like work in biology laboratory.


This professional can make talking some video bands or camera of supervision bands. It can obtain the communications of a cell phone.
It work in only five laboratory in France : Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Toulouse. It work under the authority of an engineer of the technical and scientific police.

I would like work in the laboratory which is in Toulouse.


For become a technician, it must to have a “Bac +2” . There is a recruitment by competitive.

If we succeed the competition, we become a trainee for one year. This trainee will be remunerate. At the end of this year, the trainee can be hold, or regrade, or dismissal without compensation.

I would like do that, because I like looking for solutions. I'm curious, so it doesn't mind me to spend a long time on one problem. I like laboratory and biology.


Sources : Le site de l'onicep et du ministère de l'Intérieur. Pareil pour les images.


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