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(It's the library of Bouchemaine)
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Bouchemaine is a fFrench town composesd of three villages: Pruniers, Bouchemaine and La Pointe, in the department of Maine-et-Loire, located in the region of Pays de la Loire. It is in ** thesouthwest outskirts of the capital angevine **Angevine capital and is part of the urban community of Angers Loire Métropole. Her Its surface is 19,81km², peoples who lives in the town are called «  Bouchemainois/es or Bouchemanceaux/celles ». This population it’s is relatively aged, the inhabitants cough average an age older than 60 years ( 25,4%) which is higher than the national rate ( 22,1 % ). The mayor is a woman who is called named Anne-Sophie Hocquet de la Jartre.


Bouchemaine was born founded in 1792 followesing a meeting between two Parishes : Saint-Aubin de Pruniers and Saint- Symphorien de Bouchemaine. Her Its name comes of from her its similarity with a shower by view from the a helicopter and the fact that it is located at the confluence of the Maine, which flows into the Loire.

Sites and monuments

-The castle Petit-Serrant
-Church Saint-Symphorin
-Manor of Louzie
-Bridge of Pruniers ( Bouchemaine)


In Bouchemaine it a market is organised every Thursday on the square of Saulaies a market that is comprised of eight merchants: floral decoration, jewelery, leather goods, vollaies, cheese dairy, seafood, fruits and vegetables and medicinal plants.
Every years, the boat club of Bouchemaine realizes directs Spring clearing: is to pick up the garbages of on the edges of theMaine. For 4 years I have helped out with my friends because I do am part of the boat club of Bouchemaine.
Bicycle Rental

Recreation and associations

- The House Hunters: It’s anassociation Willie bades an the site of the house hunters ??, organizes nature outaings « nature » with about the biodiversity of our region. When I was little I went to visit with my mother and my brother.
LPO Anjou-Bouchemaine: It’s a league for the protection of birds’s goals and for members to study and get to know of about the protection of birds and the ecosystem on which they depend.
APJ Bouchemaine: It’s an educational sport allowing helping members be more skillful; more strong and learn respect of the rules.
Aîkikai Bouchemaine/Pruniers
Is from of the martial arts used for self-defence. It is a non-violent and non-competitioncompetitive sport which everybody can play ( men, women and children) to improve their health and well-being.
Multi-Recreation: It’s run by volunteers trying to share their passions.
And other sports such as "boule de fort", walking on foot, gymnastic, canoe-kayak, tennis, table tennis, basketball, football and yoga club.

It's the town hall:


It's the church:
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