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Lovely Bones

Illustration libre de droits ??

The movie “Lovely Bones” is a famous thriller realized directed by Peter Jackson who was born the on 31 October of 1961 in New-Zealand. The film was realized made in 2010 and is an adaptation of the novel “Nostalgia for the Angel” written by Alice Sebold. The book was a bestseller moving the reader deeply and critics worldwide. The original title of “The Lovely Bones” seems to be the story of the disappearance and murder of an ordinary young girl from the suburbs and, after her death, observes remembered by her parents and friends who continue to try to live a normal life, even if she tries they try to accept her death. Old a soul torn world of the living, history offers a unique and personal concept of beyond and made this drama tale lighting by an angel. I can't understand the meaning of this sentence !

During the 139 minutes of the film, a young girl named Susie Salmon will be assassinated and after her death was going to observe the conduct of the investigation and monitoring sin assassin while attending to the scene of her family reeling from this loss.

The different actors are:
-Mark Wahlberg (Jack Salmon), he is the Susie Salmon’ father
-Rachel Weisz (Abigail Salmon), she is the Susie Salmon’ mother
-Suson Sarandon (Grandmother Lynn), she is the Susie Salmon grandmother -Stanley Tucci (George Harvey), he is the Susie Salmon’ assassin
-Michael Imperioli (Len Fenerman), he is the inspector
-Saoirse Ronon (Susie Salmon), she is the main character

Peter Jackson is the director, but he is too also the productor producer and the scenarist scriptwriter. Costumes, hairstyles and makeup have been created for reenter this time to correpond to this period without overdoing it by giving the public the notion of time passing. Is one thing that we realize through the physical transformation of Grandmother Lynn, Lindsey, and Abigail bringing are the subtle changes to the appearance of all the characters to show that even if year’s years pass Susie is still stuck in her strange intermediary world. Details of each film have been great carefully selected.

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