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Note 15/20

__Total = 12/16

4/6 points pour l'Anglais (Assez bien)
3/3 points pour le choix/Intérêt du texte (intéressant)
3/3 points pour un texte personnel ou personnalisé (personnalisé)
1/2 points pour le nombre de mots (pas assez)
Non noté/2 points pour le respect droits
Non noté /2 points pour la bibliographie
1/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page (pas assez attrayant)

I have chosen to speak about the difference between the 2 movies "Pour Elle" "& "Anything for her" The Next Three Days.


These movies are have a comparable view that tells the same story with details of the various actors. I still prefer the American version, because the feelings of the characters are better expressed . But the end of the French version is much better much than the U.S verson, and the characters of the women in the prison is are totally differents characters from one version to another. on In the American version the woman seeks of returns hopes to return to a normal life for with her husband. the importance of the characters and of the heroes of is the environment : it's differents depending on the version of the film, the brother is much there to help the French version, however, helped in the American version of the brother no apparet at all in the film I can't correct this sentence because I don't understand what you mean. The decor in decorates the prison is also differente depending on the version : the American Prison walls are colored (red) but in the other film the walls are gray. I think of the French version s it's is much **more realistic.