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A village of Middle ages: Oudon
Oudon is a small village near the banks of la Loire, this is a village of winegrowers.
the walls are full of history:
There are several remains of Middle Ages
The tower of Oudon:

It was inhabited by Alain de Malestroit who obtained permission to rebuild the castle after the destruction it has suffered in 1230 and 1234.
It is now one of the most touristic places in Oudon


"Les folies Siffait"
The place of "Les folies Siffait" is was a creation of Maximilien Siffait, It is built on the banks of the Loire near the Chateau-Guy, It was built between 1817 and 1829 by the son of Maximilien, and is where Oswald Siffait established plantations. It is built on superimposed terraces giving the impression of a hanging garden


There is full of legends :

The menhir of the white stone

in the middle of a vineyard is a menhir(a large, upright boulder) We do not know the historical origins, but, according to tradition, the ancient menhir moves a few centimeters each year, but only an elf hiding somewhere in Oudon knows this time!