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La Baule


La Baule is a city located near the Atlantic Ocean in the county of Loire Atlantique.
It's famous for its long beach (7 km -> 4.35 miles) and for its tourism in summer.
the longest beach in europe is here, in France !!!

In La Baule there are many luxury hotels and casinos, because in the past some wealthy families came and built villas.

La Baule is urbanized in two parts, the sea resort on the bay and the center of Pouliguen Escoublac.
Escoublac is the name of the old village where the inhabitants have settled after the first village has had been buried by sand dunes. Today Escoublac is a suburban area.

La Baule-center is focus around the market, city hall, railway station and the main post office.

La Baule-les-Pins is a residential area located east of the center of La Baule. We can find many parks and gardens in La Baule like the park of the Dryad or the place des Palmiers (I can't translate it sorry ). The longest is the victory park with an area of 4500 m².We can find a municipal pool too.

The most luxurious district of the town is located in west of downtown. It extends to the port of La Baule-Pouliguen. Major hotels, the Hermitage Barrière, the Royal-Thalasso the Castel Marie-Louise and the Majestic (the first three are the only ones classified five stars in the department), are located there, as well as the casino and the center Atlantia Congress.

The luxury hotel of L'Hermittage, with 6 stars (it means that the hotel is very expensive and very elegant)

In La Baule , there are a few public buildings (village hall, sports hall, MJC, bowling, local central Atlantic Cape residential area, the city of Flower ). This district has a gateway for access to downtown. To the east, along the railway,: the cemetery, a post EDF, GDF position, the communal workshops.

The gateway of La Baule and Le Pouliguen (On the left, Le Pouliguen. On the right, La Baule.

If you want more information, go on Wikipedia because I don't want to be accussed by my teacher of copy/colly paste.


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