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…when I was a kid, my dream was to fly…

My ideal job is to be a fighter pilot.

The fighter pilot is an officer or a engineer of the Air force who flies a fighter plane.

Fighter pilots involved with aircraft equipped with nuclear weapons policy are called deterrence. The combination of fighter bombers and submarines strengthens the deterrent power of France.

The fighter pilot also contributes to the protection of citizens against any air threat. Between 8 and 12 aircraft (Mirage F1, Mirage 2000 and Rafale, excluding tankers and helicopters) are always ready to intercept any aircraft in minutes unidentified.

Finally, the fighter pilot is a major determinant of external operations undertaken by France.

Whatever the operation assigned to him the fighter pilot becomes aware of his mission (briefing), ensure that the device is operational, pilots his plane for a training mission, surveillance, reconnaissance, interception, responding ground. Returned to base, he reports on his mission to his superiors. Also a jet the "working tools" of the pilot are hypertechniques: arms (fire, missiles and bombs), electronic and computer equipment (laser, radar, camera). Daily fighter pilots are dedicated to military training: running, shooting, parachuting.

A fighter pilot is never alone regardless of his mission. He works as a collective unit or squadron, on the ground or in airspace.

His job requires a great capacity to adapt to new equipment and machinery that he must master all the time. Use of the Rafale, ultra modern and sophisticated, is the only known example of this imperative. It goes without saying that the exercise of this profession is not without risk … including, in certain circumstances, for his life.
Above: A Rafale, a plane used by fighter pilots

It's very hard to be a fighter pilot…

It requires training hard and it's binding: he has to be very healthy, has a scientific profile and be prepared for a lifestyle that's not always funny.

Being a good student is not the only constraint. Besides strong nerves, rigor, flexibility, he also has an excellent bill of health. A long list of medical standards must be checked (visual and auditory acuity, balance of neurological, mental, cardiovascular …).

The Air Force recruits each year between 50 and 80 young people holding a tray or general technology through its recruitment of Students aircrew officers. The training lasts three years and leads to specializations "hunting" or "transport".

Before the integration, he must meets certain criteria to be able to apply and then spend several "tests" (sports, motor tests, English …), all playoff or otherwise allowing the further steps.

Flying above the clouds, impossible? No Sir!

I choose this job because I love planes and when I was a kid my dream was to fly.

To be continued…


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