The awersome life of Camille Têtedoie ;) !!!


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My name is Camille !!! I'm 17 !!!

I'm in 1STL1 at the Jean Moulin School !!!

I like to go to the cinema, dance (shuffle) and to Party all the night !!!

Outside school, I like having fun with my friends :) !!!

I practice handball and paintball :)

I like "Desperate Housewifes" and "How I met your mother" !!!

I have no idea about what I want to do in the future but I'm sure that it will be awesome :D !!!

My favourite music is Daft Punk and DJ Splash !!! (and yes Lady Gaga too !!!)

I like Formula 1 and playing video games with my friends !!!


Bonjour! Je m’appelle Samantha M. J’ai quinze ans et j’aime le vélo, mais j’aime prèfère le football. J’adore sortir avec les copains, faire de l’èquitation, nager, et la plage. J’ai gèometrie le matin, l’anglais, la biologie, Eps, et l’après-midi j’aila comptabilitè, le français et l’historie. J’ai le demi-frère(vingt et un), et une demi-soeur (vingt-huit) et le frère (dix-huit). J'adore Transformers aussi!

Do you like to watch American made movies or do you like the ones made in France better? I am in my school's french club and lately we have been watching french movies with English subtitles and i have liked all of them so far. We have watched Amelie and jean de florette. They seem to be quite different than American movies but they are still good. :D What other movies do you like?