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Feneu is a small city to of 3000 inhabitants in the Maine et Loire,. tThe history of Feneu is small short, but it is interessent interesting. Feneu (2,168 inhabitants) is located on the outskirts of Angers.

Its built heritage is historically rich and includes châteaux and ancient dwellings: the Château de Montriou with its so-called Chapelle des Trois Marie, a scheduled monument from the 15th century, and splendid vegetable gardens; the Château de Sautré, a 12th century fortress built on a rocky spur as a defence against Norman raids.

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Finally, Port Albert is worth seeing, nestled as it is in a bend of the Mayenne. This leafy spot by the river appeals to a variety of visitors: families looking for a picnic area, walkers, motorhome uses… In July and August, this small haven is a stopover point for river shuttles coming from Angers, whose passengers have the opportunity to discover Feneu's cultural heritage and enjoy what's on offer at the Guinguette. Port Albert is also the starting point of a network of waymarked trails and bike trails -hybrid bike and mountain bike alike- linking four small towns (38km). COPIE : http://www.feneu.fr/module-Contenus-viewpub-tid-2-pid-17.html


the Guinguette

To In Feneu, every year we have the triathlon, which takes place in the pPort aAlbert for all the persons people, children and adults. and tThere is also a secondhand trade, which is one of the biggest of the sector with many activities.

In April, 2013, a competition photo photo competition is organized by my sister for its project of BTS which consists has to take Feneu in photo under all its pictures. ??

There is lLess than a year ago, an accident arrived has happened in Feneu who that fortunately made no wounded person no one., dDuring the night, a car was burned in front of the city hall which then made burned the other cars,. iIn everything total there were four cars to burned. Traducteur ?


Mairie Feneu


Feneu's church


And to in Feneu there is a water-skiing champion, she is the owner of Chateau de Sautré.

We have also the ball of fort ??.

In Tthe summer there is a music festival, which takes place in the pPort aAlbert,. tThere are is singings, danceing and strolls by boats.

Feneu is a small city, it does not take place big things do not take place unfortunately.

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