Axel L's Presentation of a French city

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I will present Marseilles & speak about "notre Dame" and it's old port, its tourism its beach where lots of tourists go every year. But they have also a football team & its name is the Olympique de Marseilles.
When I'll present Marseilles, I'll speak about its good & bad points . I'll describe the population by giving the figures, and speaking about their fabulous Southern frendliness.
I can start by saying that Marseilles is beautiful city.

Marseille is situated at the south east of France, next to the sea Mediterranée. It has 850602 inhabitants, so it is the second city the most importante of the country.


It's a city essential for France because, thanks to it's famous port wich called " le vieux port ", more other xith it's 2835 hours of sun per year that contribute to develop the activity of tourism.


On other aspect on this beautiful city is the football wich is considerate as a region. All the population support its team : Olympique de Marseille.


The statue " Nôtre Dame de la Garde " can be seen wherever in Marseille it is on the hill.



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