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Posted on 16/12/2010

Hello! My name is Aurore. I'm 16 years old and I live in Le Mans. I'm interested in nature and biology. I love rock and metal music but I hate rap very much. I like to read. I play the guitar. I hate eating meat but I love fish. I don't like people who kill animals i.e. hunters. I'm always happy and I never get angry and lose my calm. I'm 163cm tall and I weigh 47kg. Kindest regards, Aurore.

Posted on 06/01/2011

Happy New Year from all of us over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in "Le Mans" in "Sarthe". My city is quite big. It is in the west of France. I'm sure you know Le Mans for its 24 hour car racing. It's a bit like Daytona in Florida. Le Mans is a better city than Angers. It is the city where the best "Rillette" ( a French type of "paté" ) is made. Le Mans is a very beautiful and modern city, but there are lots of traffic jams. I have lived in the center of Le Mans for almost 16 years. During the holidays, I slept a lot and visited my friends. I also played the guitar and the piano. Bye. :D.

Posted on 10/02/2011

Hello Clara. I’m fine. Last weekend I played the piano and read books. I also looked after my guinea pig. I’ve been at school all week and it’s been cool. During the weekend, I listen to music. I listen to music in my room while doing my homework. This week, I watched a movie and played Game Boy (Pokemon). I also watched “The Simpsons” on TV. Goodbye, Aurore. ;)

Posted on 03/03/2011

Hello Clara, How are you? I am on holidays. Coralie, Amélie and I are sorry to have erased your work unintentionally. I posted some other new stuff on the page to make up for our mistake. I am really delighted to work on this subject with you. Have a nice weekend, bye. =D

Posted on 17/03/2011

During the first weekend of my holidays, I listened to a lot of music and watched music broadcasts on TV. Otherwise, I stayed at home and contemplated the magnificently bad weather during the weekend.
During the first week I drew and did my lessons while listening to music.
During the second weekend, I went on "msn" to speak with a friend; we spoke till 3am in the morning. I also played "Pokemon" with him while listening to the music of the 80s. I also played the piano.
During the last week of my holidays, I continued doing my lessons.
On the last day of the holidays, I worked on "Hey Jude" on the piano because it is a famous song of "The Beatles" and I like this group.

Posted on 31/03/2011

Comment on the movie ‘Bowling for Columbine’:

This movie is a documentary directed by Michael Moore, and it's very interesting because Moore shows us the madness surrounding weapons in the USA. The movie explains well that every country has known many wars. A lot of people buy guns because they are very scared and they want to protect their family. People live in fear because of the events which have occurred, for example, the shootings at a high school in Columbine. But the right to carry guns is very dangerous because children take this situation as a game. There has been an increase in the number of murders with the increase in the sale of guns. I think that the movie explains very well that some people in the US are dangerous and consider guns as toys.

Posted on 8/04/2011

• Hello Clara! How are you? I'm well. How was your week? My week went well and the weather has been beautiful and very hot.
Bye. ;) Have a good weekend.

• Bonjour Clara ! Comment vas-tu ? Moi bien. Comment était ta semaine? Ma semaine c'est bien passé et le temps est beau et très chaud.
Au revoir ;). Bon week-end.

Posted on 15/04/2011

• I hope you had a nice week! I am well in spite of some bad marks! For the next week, Coralie, Amélie and I will have to make a poster on "global warming ". We will also go with a group of pupils studying biotechnology to visit a factory that makes alcohol.
Otherwise, the weather has been magnificent: beautiful and hot!
Have a good weekend. Bye. ;D

• J'espère que tu passes une bonne semaine ? Moi bien malgré une certaine mauvaise note ! Pendant la semaine suivante, Coralie Amélie et moi nous allons faire une affiche sur "le Réchauffement climatique". Nous allons aussi avec un groupe d'élève de biotechnologie visiter une usine d'alcool.
Autrement, il fait un temps magnifique : Beau et chaud!
Passes un bon week-end. Au revoir ;D.

Posted on 22/04/2011

• Hi Clara. I am on holidays and the weather is still hot. I’ve had a good week. For the holidays, I have nothing planned. I will hang out with friends. I also plan to spend a whole day in town with my best friend and to do my lessons because I have a lot to do. Otherwise, I am going to play some music and to listen to a lot of music as well.

I am going to speak about French culture in general which may be different from yours:
In France, families are very close in general. When we have the opportunity, we have big meal. For example, we have a starter, then a main dish which is usually composed of vegetables and meat, then several desserts. France is considered to have the best cooking/cuisine and the best wines.
In France, we celebrate Easter, which consists for most children in hiding chocolate eggs in the garden and finding them afterwards. Otherwise, we celebrate Christmas, the New Year and even the 14th July which is our national holiday.
Other national holidays that we have in France are: 1st May which is Labour Day, then there are holidays on 11th November and 8th May, which commemorate the end of WW1 and WW2 respectively.
I celebrate Christmas with my family and New Year's Eve with my friends, but there are no special foods which correspond to these holidays.
France celebrates the 14th July by setting off fireworks. It's a part of our culture and our lifestyle in France. ;D

I hope you have a good week. ;D Bye!

• Salut Clara. Je suis en vacances et il fait toujours aussi chaud. J'ai passé une bonne semaine et pendant les vacances je n'ai rien de planifié. Je je vais peux être voir des amis et j'ai prévu de passer un jour entier en ville avec mon meilleur ami et faire mes leçons parce que j'en ai beaucoup. Autrement, je vais jouer de la musique et en écouter beaucoup comme d'habitude.

Je vais te présenter la culture en général de la France qui peux être différente de la tienne:
En France, les familles sont très rapproché en général et a plusieurs occasions, on y fait des grands repas comme par exemple on fait de grandes entrées, puis des plats qui s'accompagnent de légumes et de viandes puis plusieurs desserts. La France est réputée pour avoir la meilleur cuisine et les meilleurs vins.
En se moment, on fête " Pâques " qui consiste pour les enfants à cacher des oeufs en chocolat dans le jardin et de les trouver par la suite. Sinon, on fête Noël, le Nouvel An ou encore le 14 Juillet qui sont chez nous les jours de la fête national.
Les jours fériés en France : il y a le 1 Mai qui est la fête du travail, le 8 mai et le 11 novembre qui représente en bref la fin de la 1er et 2éme guerre mondial.
Je fête Noël avec ma famille, et le 1er de l'An avec mes amis mais on ne mange pas spécialement des aliments qui correspondent a ces fêtes.
La France célèbre le 14 Juillet en faisant des feux d'artifices. C'est en bref notre culture et notre style de vie en France.
Je te souhaite une bonne semaine ;D. Au revoir !

Posted on 29/04/2011

• Hi Clara. How are you? I'm fine. I had a good week. On Tuesday, I went into town to go shopping with my best friend. We went into a musical instrument store, and we also went for a walk in a park called the ‘Garden of Plants’. I also watched a movie called "Sleepy Hollow" with Johnny Depp who's my favorite actor.
Bye and have a good weekend. ;)

• Salut Clara. Comment vas-tu ? Moi bien. J'ai passé une bonne semaine, mardi avec mon meilleur ami, j'ai été en ville faire les magasins. On a été dans des magasins d'instrument de musique, on a aussi été se promener dans le jardin des plantes. J'ai aussi regardé une film " Sleepy Hollow " avec " Johnny Depp "qui est mon acteur favoris.
Au revoir, bon week end ;).

Posted on 7/05/2011

• Hello Clara! It is the end of the holidays for me. I am going to talk to you about our school system in France.

At the moment, I am in my first year of high school. There are three years of high school in France. First year high school students are called ‘the second-year students’, while the second year high school students are called ‘the first-year students’. Students in their final year of high school are called ‘the final year students.

Schooling in France:

- Nursery school [ approximately from 3 to 6 years of age ]
- Primary school [ approximately from 6 to 10 years of age ]
- Middle school [ approximately from 11 to 14 years of age ]
- High school [ approximately from 14 to 18 years of age ]

You can begin school anytime between the age of 3 and 6 because nursery school is not compulsory.
We take our HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA examination at the end of the school year (June/July) in our final year of high school. We require a certain credit grade to be able to continue our studies. Throughout our schooling, we have to go to school from Monday to Friday. During the day, we have a break for10 minutes at 10am, then a break of 1 hour or 2 hours at noon, and then we have another break for 10 minutes at 4pm. When we don’t have class, we are free to do what we want. For example, we can return home or go to the cafeteria. In high schools, there are musical and sports activities. Many pupils participate in these activities.

• Bonjours Clara. C'est la fin des vacances pour moi. Je vais te parler de notre système scolaire en France :

Je suis en se moment en classe de second au lycée. En France, il y a en premier :

- La maternelle [ de 3 à 6 ans envrion ]
- La primaire [ de 6 à 10 ans environ ]
- Le collège [ de 11 à 14 ans environ ]
- Le lycée [ de 14 à 18 ans environ ]

On peux commencer l'école à 6 ans ou à 3 ans car la maternelle n'est pas obligatoire.
Nous passons le BAC en classe de terminale au lycée a la fin de l'année scolaire [ Juin - Juillet ]. On est obligé de l'avoir pour pouvoir continuer nos études. On vas a l'école du Lundi au Vendredi. Dans la journée, on a une pause de 10 minutes à 10h, puis une pause de 1h ou 2 le midi et une a 16h de 10 minutes l'après midi. En dehors des heures de cours, on peux rentrer chez nous ou allez a la cafétéria par exemple. Dans les lycées, il y a des activités musicales et sportives. Beaucoup d'élèves y partissipent.

Posted on 19/05/2011

• Le Mans is a big city. It’s a capital of ‘Sarthe’ which is a department of France. We have had a Trawmay for 3 years. The trams are orange and black in color.
Le Mans has about 150 000 inhabitants. In Le Mans, there is a historic downtown area, as well as industrial zones and new modern offices. There are many shops, and we sometimes have fairgrounds.
The famous ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ race is held in Le Mans once a year.
In Le Mans, we have a several modes of transport:

-Little planes

In the city centre, there is a big plant garden with many ducks in a pond. There are beautiful flowers in many parks and in the streets.
A new modern theater was built in the center of the city to replace of the old one, which was historic.
Sometimes, there are concerts and parties for youth in the main square. There is one river that flows through the city. It is called ‘La Sarthe’.
When I go to Le Mans, I go shopping and I sometimes go to concerts. I also go walking in the plant garden with friends.

• Le Mans est une grande ville. C'est la capital de la Sarthe qui est un département de la France. Nous avons le Trawmay depuis 3 ans, il est orange et noir. Le Mans contient environ 150 000 habitants. Dans Le Mans, il y a un centre ville historique et des zones industrielles moderne et des nouveaux bureaux moderne. Il y a beaucoup de magasins et parfois des fêtes foraines.
Dans le Mans, il y a les célèbre courses des 24 heures du Mans un fois par ans.
Dans la ville, nous pouvons prendre :

- Le bus
- Le trawmay
- Le taxi
- Le train
- De petit avion

Il y a dans le centre de la ville, un grand jardin des plantes avec beaucoup de canards dans un bassin. Il y a de jolies fleurs dans des parcs et plusieurs rues.
Un nouveau théatre moderne se fait construire dans le centre de la ville a la place de l'ancien qui était historique.
Des fois, il y a plusieurs concerts sur la place de la République et des fêtes pour jeunes.

[ … ]

Clara 05/24/11

Sorry! Sorry! I did not know that you where still posting on this page! I was only checking the group blog. I feel bad now.
That is so cool about your town. I wish our town was as nice. Our town has a population of 2,480 when they bib the 2000 census (Okanogan, Washington wiki). In the United States we have Preschool which can be started at any age. Then kindergarten, the first year you go to school. You start this when you are 5 years old. Grades K-5 is called Elementary school. The Middle school is thorough 6th to 8th. High school is 9th grade to 12th grade. In our high school there are 280 students. In high school, our senior year, there is not big test we have to take to graduate. This is because we, the students, take a test in 10th grade. This test is on Reading, Writing, Math and Science.
In our town there is little public transportation. I get around by my bike. I can drive but I don’t like to.

Désolé! Désolé! Je n'ai pas su que vous où postant toujours à cette page! Je vérifiais seulement le blogue de groupe. Je me sens mal maintenant.
C'est si frais(cool) de votre ville. Je regrette que notre ville ne soit pas qu'agréable. La propre ville a une population de 2,480 quand ils le bavoir le recensement 2000 (Okanogan, Washington wiki). Aux États-Unis nous avons Préscolaire qui peut être commencé à n'importe quel âge. Alors le jardin d'enfants, la première année vous va à l'école. Vous le commencez quand vous avez 5 ans. Les catégories k-5 sont appelées l'École primaire. Le Collège est minutieux 6ème à 8ème. Le lycée est la 9ème catégorie à la 12ème catégorie. Dans notre lycée il y a 280 étudiants. Dans le lycée, notre terminale, il n'y a pas le grand test que nous devons prendre pour obtenir un diplôme. C'est parce que nous, les étudiants, prenons un test dans la 10ème catégorie. Ce test est sur la Lecture, l'Écriture, des Maths et la Science.
Dans notre ville il y a peu de transports en commun. Je me déplace par mon vélo. Je peux conduire mais je n'aime pas à.

Posted on 25/05/2011

• It's okay, but you're wrong; you posted your text on my blog instead of yours! Your city is really very different from ours. In our school there are about 700 students. And in some schools in the city, there are over 2000 students. In our city there are many forms of public transport. To come to school, I take the train and the bus.

• C'est pas grave mais Tu t'es trompé, tu as posté ton texte sur mon blog au lieu du tiens !!! C'est vraiment très différents de nous. Dans notre lycée il y a environ 700 élèves. Et dans certains lycée de la ville, il y en a plus de 2000. Dans notre ville il y a beaucoup de transport en commun. Pour venir au lycée, je prend le train puis le bus.