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Brotherhood of the wolf:

Produced by Christophe Gans in 2001, they are many famous actors Samuel le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Jacques Perrin, Edith Scob, Philipe Nahon, Bernard Fresson, Jean-François Stévenin.
The time of the movie is 2h22 two hours and 22 minutes long.
The movie speaks of one knight and one Indian, his mission to kill a Gevaudan beast that terrorizes payan peasants, but it is an organization for to destroy the king of France.
I like this movie because the history is very interesting, and actors playing very well, and Vincent Cassel is my favorite actor.
The music of the movie is calm, gentle, and very beautiful.

Please make these corrections Anton. Thanks! (Sounds like an interesting movie!)