My ideal jobs

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If i a good student, with a good grades, i want to be a civil Engineering, or creater of drawings, because

creating a drawing is very easy for my me and I am very good, i really like the freedom of work this career, but if i don't like this i want

to be engenieurer in the marine, i like all of the the every boats, but this job is very dificult because there are a lot of

concurence exams for to enter in this school, and if i don't like civil Engineering and engenieurer in the marines i want to

be a teacher of architecturale, and if i don't like the civil Engineering, engenieurer in the marines, architecturale

teacher, i don't know what I want to do later.

So i want make to have a lot of jobs, but i know that I will only have one which i making only one, but i have the time for to choose!


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