Anael G S Blog

Posted on 16/12/2010
Hi! My name is Anael Ginder. I’m 15, and I'm a boy. I live in Angers. I’ve 2 brothers. My mum is Arabic and my dad is French. I love videogames and riding my bike. I love hip-hop/rap music. I also like comic books and cartoons. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Anael

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hi! I must begin by saying Happy New Year! I live in Ecuillé. It's a small village in the countryside that is 10 miles from Angers. There are many fields and forests, and a small stadium where we play soccer and basketball. There is also a church and a cattle farm near my village.

Posted on 12/02/2010
At the weekend, I went to my cousin’s place in Poitiers, and I also went to my grand parents’ houses and played videogames.
I can’t wait until our school holidays because I will go to stay at my cousin’s place.
This week, our History/Geography teacher was absent. Goodbye and see you later.

**Posted on 17/03/2010*
Hi! How are you? During the first week of holidays, I went to Poitiers. I saw my cousin, went to The Futuroscope, rode a bike and went shopping with my cousin, and played videogames. During the second and final week of holidays I was back in Angers, and I hung out with my friends near the river. We made a campfire and listened to music. Bye!

Posted on 04/04/2011
In English class, we saw the film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ by Michael Moore. It’s a documentary about gun control in USA. I learnt more on the population of USA while watching the documentary. Many Americans live stressed and in fear because a lot of Americans have weapons. Guns and bullets are readily available. The people of USA think that they have to have weapons to protect their family and, therefore, they have weapons. The fact that they own weapons often has undesirable results. In 1999, there were 2 students in Littleton, who killed other students at their high school.

Posted on 19/05/2011
o Customs and traditions in France
In France, we celebrate many customs that you do in USA like Halloween and Christmas, but we also have different traditional national holidays such as 14 July, Easter, and other carnivals.

o Meals and Food
We eat various foods from hamburgers to “Foie Gras”.