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Brest is a commune French chief place the department of Finistère in Bretagne (Brittany in English).


Brest possed has 221 600 inhabitants.
This is the first agglomeration the of west breton Bretagne and the 22nd region the most populated region.
The prefecture of departement is Quimper.
Brest is a university city university ; there are 23 000 students.
Brest is also has an important pôle of recherche consortium(?) important in the sea with a great center of documentation, a Centre of Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre) and the European University Institute in the sea and the French Polar Institute - Paul Emile Victor.


Paul Emile Victor

Brest is twinned with Lots of towns in all the world
  Denver (USA) since 1956,
  Plymouth (UK) since 1963,
  Kiel (Germany) since 1964,
  Taranto (Italy) since 1964,
  Yokosuka (Japan) since 1970,
  Dun Laoghaire (Ireland) since 1984,
  Cadiz (Spain) since 1986,
  Saponé (Burkina Faso) since 1989,
  Constanţa (Romania) since 1993.
  Hobart (Australia) since 2008. <

Brest is located at the northwest tip of the Breton peninsula, bordering the Bay of Brest and historically part of the country of Leon.
Located on a peninsula, Leon, is virtually devoid of Brest hinterland: the south itoverlooks a wide bay, beyond which the Crozon Peninsula looks to Quimper. While to the west and north sea, it is only about twenty kilometers to the east and Morlaix Landerneau have has long limited his its influence.
The city of Brest is situated in a "plateau" located one hundred meters high d'altitud.

Due to its location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is temperate and oceanic in Brest. The city is subject to maritime influences throughout the year.

The automobile remains the individual means of transport favored by Brest, cycling is only little used, partly because of the relief of the city and partly by failure in terms of facilities .
The station was built in Brest between 1936 and 1937. The automobile remains the individual means of transport favored by Brest, cycling is only little used, partly because of the relief of the city and partly by failure in terms of facilities. Brest and its suburbs are also equipped with a bus system called Bibus consistsing of 22 rows with 3 demand.
Brest Bretagne Airport, located in the town of Guipavas, is the first Breton airport for passenger traffic.  A new terminal, a form resembling a manta ray, has been operating since December 12, 2007, and bears brings the capacity of the airport to 1.8 million passengers per year.14 It is served by several daily TGV trains, connecting directly to the Paris-Montparnasse station in Paris. 


The bridge recovery is a lift bridge that crosses the Penfeld in Brest, Finistère. Overlooking the arsenal and the military port, it connects the bottom of the rue de Siam in Recouvrance district, replacing the swing bridge (Bridge National) destroyed in 1944 by Allied bombing. Opened July 17, 1954, he it was long the largest lift bridge in Europe. Each tower is 70 m high. The span now (installed in 2011), a length of 88 m and 15 m wide, weighs 625 tons.


In ancient times, the region was inhabited by the people of Osismii.
Until the tenth century, the castle is was still occupied. Several lords of Britain Brittany will have had the property owned by(?)of the Viscounts of Léon to John I. From 1342, following the alliances and wars of succession in Brittany, it will be was the English's hériteront inheritance.Pendant all During these years, a small population living in and around the castle, forminged a small village.
In the early sixteenth century the two towers of the keep are were converted into comfortable apartments for the benefit of the Duchess Anne de Bretagne.
At the end of the sixteenth century, the population of Brest reached 1500 inhabitants, and Henry IV gives gave Brest the status of city. But it is the Cardinal Richelieu, in the year 1630, which will profoundly changed the destiny of the city.
France needsed to develop a modern navy. Brest is was chosen by Richelieu and great work begins. An arsenal and port voyent the day, the walls are were erected.
Maritime capital, Brest attends the departure of the great voyages of discovery led by Bougainville, La Perouse …
During the First World War, the port welcomed U.S. troops.
By 1941, the city will suffered the Allied bombings, which reach their climax during the last 43 days that the siege of the city in September 1944. Brest is was finally released on September 18, but there are was only ruins and rubble.
The reconstruction will was be completed in 1961.
At the end of the twentieth century, the decline of the arms industry brings brought the city to turn to other activities, including services and new technologies.
Today Brest is trying to find a new dynamic.PlanMathon.jpg

source ; france-horizons et wikipedia

Brest is the first ports militaire of atlantique


The ports of commerce

In Brest there are many thing has to visited ;

The musée of marine, The musée of fort Montbarey
The vallon du Stang-Alar


Océanopolis ,it is a large aquarium


The National Botanical Conservatory

There is also festivals ;

International festival of the sea, boats and marine
Thursdays of the Port
Sant has Kevrenn Brest-Mark
The European Short Film Festival
The electronic music festival of Astropolis
The festival of "Beautiful Sunday"

There are Many activityies in Brest:
1 rink
5 indoor pools
2 velodromes
A BMX track
3 golf courses (Brest region)
A golf swing
5 riding schools
76 tennis courts
A natural climbing site
4 great climbing walls
A flying club
75 lots of great games (football and rugby)
Covered 90 playgrounds, gyms, specialized
9 shooting ranges


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