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I live in St Georges sur Loire 18 km from Angers.


The village includes houses around the intersection of RD 723, between Angers andNantes, and R & D 961 which, from north to south, is the liaison between Segre andMauges.
Its 3336 acres are bordered on the south by the Loire, which serves as a natural boundary to the town and north by the highway. Town of 3286 inhabitants, Saint-Georges as been know the years as a vibrant county town composed of 10 municipalities, from Saint-Jean-de-Linieres to Ingrandes-sur-Loire, and Saint-Léger-Béhuard to des-Bois.
From agricultural, it has transformed into a city of peaceful commercial activities and services, welcoming new residents.

daniel is Froger are Mayor since 2008


There is a great abbey which took its present form during the seventeenth century that,now houses the municipal services. Its story and that of the town it has created, are rich. It can evoke great characters who were the players: It's Jean Racine who had the idea to write litigants, one of his comedy work, because the ending of a trialbetween a religious possession income Georgeois St., is still Jean Baptiste Lully, the son of musician and abbot of St. George. These are the powerful families ofMontbazon of Bautru, the Tremouille, who successively possessed this jewel in the territory of the commune, which is the castle of Serrant.


Our church built in 1824 is at the center of the village in the borough


There is a communal room, where you can celebrate the holidays: The room beausite


Castle Hugging is one of the Loire castles, built in 1841 by Ponthus Brie, chamberlain of Louis XI, a fortress, defended on all sides through drawbridges, moats and massive towers.
In the 1530s, Pean de Brie who wanted a new castle, is started which is behind the castle we see today.
Today the castle is owned by the Prince and Princess de Merode that descend fromthe Trémoïlle.
The apartments are beautifully furnished. Sumptuous Flemish tapestries adorn thelarge dining room. People admire the grand staircase, coffered ceilings in theapartments of the first floor, the library and its twenty thousand volumes, theceremonial rooms where Louis XIV and Napoleon visisted. Works of art are numerous: Venetian mirrors, Flemish tapestries and Gobelins, beautiful Italian cabinet, bust of the Empress Marie-Louise by Canova and portraits.


Throughout the year, various events brighten the lives of St. Georgeois. An exhibition of paintings and sculptures is installed for many years in July and August, in the Chapter House of the Abbey. During Heritage Days, tours are organized, and many visitors come to discover a rich history. This period is also an opportunity for two local schools of painting to exhibit their work.

St. George is also fortunate to have two amateur theaters who, throughout the year, offer performances, fruits of their labor.
The terraces and gardens of the Abbey turn in July , to accommodate "Imaginary Encounters" by Jean Guichard.
The municipality organizes each year and the vaults of the Abbey Chapter House, a party mingling and complementary exhibition of contemporary art and traditional music that runs throughout the weekend, in the gardens.

Each year the second weekend of September, the trade fair, agricultural show and the forum of associations are the highlights of living in saint-Georgeois.

The library is a must in the cultural life of our community. In addition to various books that we can borrow, themed exhibitions are held regularly.

Twice a month recent films are on view Room St. Louis, projected by the Friends of Good Cinema and the Association Saint-Stanislas. Everyone can express his talent by following the course of the school of music, painting, theater. Four companies of games (petanque(similar to bocci), hard ball, ball of sand) can meet and have fun with friends.

Finally, the town has a forty clubs that enable everyone, young and old, to become involved in community life (sports, music, entertainment …) and spend some quality time.


There is a school, a kindergarten and two elementary schools


St. Georges has all the appropriate medical services (doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, pedicure) and Home medicalized structures: local hospital, nursing home residence and AFM (residential care myopathy).


Saint Georges sur Loire is twinned with Mancha Real in Andalucia since 1994.