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My ideal job is a pediatricnursery nurse

The pediatric nurse is a nurse in the medical care for babies and children. Thispractitioner also plays a role in prevention, education and advice to parents.

The work is to deliver pediatric nurse nursing children (blood, put on oxygen …) most often in maternity, neonatology department or pédiatrie.Elle feeds prematuretechniques spécifiques.Elle assists the physician during treatments andexaminations may be required to perform emergency actions. Contact for parents, she informs, advices and reassured about the health of children. In a nursery orcrèche, the nursery nurse leads and supervises a team, while continuing to care forenfants.en crib, she plays the role of prevention, protection and education to families.


To prepare the State diploma of nursery nurse, you must hold a State diploma nurseor midwife and pass an entrance test at a school childcare. The study lasts 12 months after admission to the school of specialization.

Competences are necessary;
Resistance physical and nervous
The Empathy, psychological sense
The Manual Address
Of Pedagogy

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