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Posted on 12/16/2010
My name is Amélie. I’m 15 years old. I have long brown hair and I'm approximately 165cm tall. I have one brother who is 11 years old; his name is Adrien.
I live in Saint Georges sur Loire. I am calm, I like to smile, and I also have a strong character. I have been dancing for 8 years. Later on, I would like to be a nurse because I like children. At school, I like Spanish and History. Bye ♥

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hello!!! Happy New Year!!!
My village is called Saint Georges sur Loire. It’s a calm little village. It's a pretty little town. It is a village in the Maine-et-Loire region in France. It is 20 minutes from Angers by car. There is a castle in the village. Near my village, there is a river called the Loire river.
I received many presents for Christmas and got lots of money.
Bye!!! Amélie ♥

Posted on 10/02/2011
Last weekend, I went into town with friends. I also went to the ice rink on Saturday and to my grandparent's place on Sunday. The next day, I had to get up for school. Then, all this week I worked and I saw some friends. Bye. Amélie ♥

Posted on 20/02/2011
Hello Clara!
I am very happy to work with you, and I like working on the truth about global warming.
I've tried to find the blog that you created, but I have not succeeded.
Could you send me the link for it so that I can see the site?
Thank you.

Posted on 31/03/11
The film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ is very interesting.
Before I watched this film, I believed that violence in USA was not so serious. This film portrays violence in USA by showing examples of it such as the shooting that occurred at the High School in Littleton in April, 1999. 12 students were killed in the incident. In USA approximately 11,000 people are killed per year due to the 250 million guns that are available and accessible to American citizens. Guns should be banned to protect the population.

Posted in 15/04/11
Hello Clara! This weekend I’m going to see a friend whom I have not seen for at least 4 months; her name is Aloise. And you Clara, what are the names of your friends? I am also going to see my uncle, my aunt, as well as my cousins. Today in Angers there was no sun, but for April the weather was not so bad. Bye Clara. Have a good weekend ♥ ♥

Posted on 17/04/11
Hello! On Monday I went to visit the ‘Total Group’ in the ‘Defense' area of Paris with the other girls in my year group. We left at 8:30am and returned at 8:00pm. We had to attend a conference on energy; and meet and speak with women about engineering. In Angers, the weather is beautiful this week, but it has only been like this for one week before the holidays. Bye ♥ ♥

Posted on 19/04/11
- Customs and tradition in France:
In France there are many customs. Most of us celebrate:
-1st January: New Year's Day - We wish each member of the family, friends, and neighbors a "Happy New Year". We cook a family meal and party with friends.
-6th January or the first Sunday of the month: Epiphany - We eat the Twelfth Night cake. This cake is either one which represents the crown of kings or a pancake that contains a small object, the bean.
-2nd February: We eat pancakes. It brings happiness but you have to have something made of gold (a ring for example) in your hand on the day.
-14th February: Saint-Valentin (Valentine’s Day) - is the love feast.
-1st April: We make or say jokes. At the end, we say "April fools!"
-1st May: French Labour Day - The tradition is to buy a sprig of lily of the valley, which contains 13 small white flowers on a stalk. The sprig is carried and it is believed that this brings happiness.
-8th May: This is a holiday celebrated in the daytime. It is the bank holiday, and it is celebrated to commemorate the armistice of the Second World War. Politicians and the former soldiers place flowers at feet of war memorials.
-21st June: The Feast of Music - Many professional and amateur musicians, both groups and solo artists, play music in the streets.
-14th July: National Day/Bastille Day - We commemorate the Storming of the Bastille, which marks the beginning of the demolition of the Bastille in 1789.
-25th December: On Christmas Eve, we have a family dinner.
-31th December is New Year's Eve. We usually have a family meal to celebrate.

Clara 05/24/11

Désolé! Désolé! Je n'ai pas su que vous où postant toujours à cette page! Je vérifiais seulement le blogue de groupe. Je me sens mal maintenant.
C'est si frais(cool) de votre ville. Je regrette que notre ville ne soit pas qu'agréable. La propre ville a une population de 2,480 quand ils le bavoir le recensement 2000 (Okanogan, Washington wiki). Aux États-Unis nous avons Préscolaire qui peut être commencé à n'importe quel âge. Alors le jardin d'enfants, la première année vous va à l'école. Vous le commencez quand vous avez 5 ans. Les catégories k-5 sont appelées l'École primaire. Le Collège est minutieux 6ème à 8ème. Le lycée est la 9ème catégorie à la 12ème catégorie. Dans notre lycée il y a 280 étudiants. Dans le lycée, notre terminale, il n'y a pas le grand test que nous devons prendre pour obtenir un diplôme. C'est parce que nous, les étudiants, prenons un test dans la 10ème catégorie. Ce test est sur la Lecture, l'Écriture, des Maths et la Science.
Dans notre ville il y a peu de transports en commun. Je me déplace par mon vélo. Je peux conduire mais je n'aime pas à.