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My name is Amélie. I’m 16 years old. I have long brown hair and I'm approximately 165 cm tall. I have one brother who is 12 years old; his name is Adrien.
I live in Saint Georges sur Loire. I am calm, I like to smile, and I also have a strong character. I have been dancing for 9 years .I like Rihanna and Bob Marley. I read many novels. My film favorite is Center Stage. I like going out with my friend on the weekend. I would like to be a nurse because I like children.
I'm an intern in hight school Jean Moulin in Angers. I'm in 1STL1 ; science technology de laboratory. At school, I like Spanish and history. I study biology, biochemistry , microbiology and French , Spanish …
Bye! <3

Bonjour, comment çava? Je mappelle Mayra H. J’ai seize ans. Je suis deuxième année au lycée. J’habite á Okanogan, Washington. J’aime le volley, le basket, et l’athlétisme. Je n’aime pas le foot. J’aime la lycée. Je sept cours. Je la géométrie, l’anglais, l’histoire, la biologie, le eps, la français, et la musique. Mais j’aime mieux la français, la musique, et la géométrie. J’aime bien le chocolat, et la glace. Je n’aime pas les escargots et des asperges. J’aime sortir avec les copains beaucoup!
au revoir! :)

Hello Mayra ! I'm fine and you ? Me neither: I do not like football . I have never been to North America. It is a country that makes me dream and you, have you already been to France ? Friday 11th was a holiday over here, there is found in that family but not me and you made ​​sure that on November 11? (Can you change this sentence Amélie as Mayra won't know what you mean
bye <3

Bonjour amelie :)
I'm sorry I haven't written back to you! I will be typing to you in English because I don't know a lot of french without using a translater, but I will type in French what I do know! I have never been to France before in my life but I wish one day i get to go! The pictures make France look so beautiful, i'm jealous that you live there and I don't. :) I hope one day you can visit America and fulfill your dreams. You said Friday the 11th was a holiday, which holiday was it? I would really like to know.
A tout à l'heure. :)


The first Wednesday of the holidays I was in the city center with a friend, then we went to the cinema in Angers to see the movie Hugo Cabret.
The evening of 24 december I celebrated Christmas with my parents and friends of theirs. On Dec 25 I celebrated Christmas with all my family on my mother's side around a good meal. The following Monday my cousin and my cousin came around with gifts. Then on the Tuesday we had dinner in my other grandparent's house with my uncles and aunts.
I celebrated New Year's day with friends.
That Sunday and Monday I did my lessons and prepares my schoolbag for T uesday.

c'est super cool! i spent christmas with my family, as well as new years! I hope you had a lot of cool presents! i have never heard of the movie hugo cabret, what is it about?
one movie that im a big fan of is Breaking Dawn, from the twilight saga. It's one of my favorites of the $ movies. Have you seen any of them?

Hey, Mayra ! how are you ?

I saw the whole twilight saga .I like them very much mainly the 4th. Jacob IS my favorite actor from a the third episode and you ?
I love to read .My favorite writer is Guillaume MUSSO. I love these novels , I was all have read them all. I have no preference, I love them all. This is a very good writer. And you like to read ?

Hello, Mayra ! how are you ?
its been a long time that one cant speak !!!
wednesday last , we have pass took the Bachelor of white of French practice French exam ! but we haven't again results yet. I hope to have a at least the average moin.
Do you know of or have you were to see seen the movie Journey 2 The Mysterious Island ?
I find this movie magnificent, anything that is normally small becomes large and vice versa such as a giant lizard and a small elephant.
This weekend I was in the city for do to go shopping with my friend are whose name is Clémence.
In Angers this week, It has great weather, almost like summer.
bye <3<3