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Nice is a city in the south-west of France and it is the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes. It is located about 30 km from the border of Italy. The city is located at the bottom of the Bay of Angels. The Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, is currently Deputy Maritime Alps, and President of Nice Côte d'Azur. In 2008 there were 344 875 inhabitants in Nice. It is the fifth most populated city in France after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. The history of Nice is characterized by two elements. This is primarily a frontier town, which has often changed sovereignty. It was Provence, Savoy, Piedmont and French. And it is a city whose expansion accelerated sharply from the twentieth century, thanks to tourism development. The city of Nice has a very active twinning of matching in city twinning, because of the importance of tourism for its economy. Nice is has been twinninged with Houston in United States since 1973 and a Louisiane, Coni in Italia since 1964, Nuremberg in Germany since 1954, and twenty seven others and two friendship pacts including Xiamen in China since 1998 and Khemisset in Morocco since 2003.

Nice is the dynamic capital of the Cote d'Azur because it is between the beach and the mountains. In Nice there are 2694 days of sun compared to 1630 in Paris. 01 January 2012 is a historic event for the city of Nice because 46 districts make up Nice Côte d’Azur. The city is divided in two neighborhoods : the left bank is older and the right bank is more French and is more Haussmannien (like Parisian architecture). A tramway connecting the northern and eastern districts with downtown opened in 2007, and a second line, running east-west, is to be built by 2015. Lympia Port or the Port of Nice, was built in 1745, today it mainly provides links to Corsica. There is also an aeoroport.

Nice is a city of arts and culture, after Paris, it is the city with the most museums. Musical life in Nice is clearly dominated by the classical and baroque music. Nice is one of the few towns to have been quite large movie studios, the Victorine Studios and the film center. In Nice there is a theatre of Photography and Image, it was opened in 1999, but this city possesses a little bit of galery of art.

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The Arena


A Russian church in Nice
In Nice there are an Opera


Nice is a very very sporting city. Football is the most important sport in Nice. The name of football team of the city is called the Olympic Gymnast Club of Nice. But the city of Nice is a stronghold of water polo in France. The city has won the championship twelve times in France over the last fifteen years. The nicois also play in rugby union. The club "history" of the city is the Racing Rugby Club de Nice (RRCN), but it disappeared in 2001, it has long been part of the elite and participated in the championship final in France in 1983. Today, the representative of rugby is Nice Rugby Nice Côte d'Azur-racing University, the result of a merger with another club in town, the Nice University Club. There is also the Sports Cavigal Nice, an amateur sports club (handball, basketball, football, athletics, wrestling, baseball softball, roller …) founded in 1943.



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