Amelie C. + Mélanie B.

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Corrected text

-Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Amélie, what's your name?
-My name is Mélanie, I am happy to here.
-Are you tired ?
-We will go home to put away your suitcase, then we will go to the center of London to visit the Palace of Westminster.
-Have you ever been to London?
-No, but I have already been to Manchester with my parents.
-Ok, In what part of the city ?
-In Bolton.
-Ok, My sister lives there.
-Will we visit London's Eye and Tower Bridge?
-Yes, but we will visit them at night, because they will be all lit up , it will be much more beautiful.
-London is very beautiful.
-Oh yes, but you have not seen it in the evening. Y..ou will see that **it is really beautiful with all the lights.
-Why did you come to London?
-To improve my English and then find work.
-I think you speak good English.
-Thank you.
-We have arrived at my house.
-I will show you around the house and show you where you will sleep.
- Ok,thank you for m welcome in your home (I can't understand the last part of this sentence, sorry).
-I am happy to have you in my home . So, please make yourself at home .
-Thank you.
-This is the kitchen, the dining room and living room. here is my room and this one is yours.
-Ok this is a beautiful room.
-So now, if you want you can settle in or we will visit Westminster.
-Oh, I'd love to visit Westmister.
-Ok, we will take the car.
-Yes, I can't wait to visit it.
-You will see it's beautiful.

Comment : Quite good !