Amelie C.


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My name is Amelie, I'm 16 years old. I study microbiology and biotechnology. My favourite subject is biotechnology. I don't pratise any extracurricular activities. I like to go shopping and see my friend in my free time.

Further studies:
In the future, i would like to do be a nurse in a nursery or work as a pediatric nurse… I don't know. After secondary school I don't want to go to college or do a 2nd-year pos-high-school degree, but I would like to get a degree in nursing .

Travel and adventure:
I want to visit Spain because it's a beautiful country.

Yes i'm interested in having a family one day.

Christmas Holidays :

During the holidays , I went shopping with my parents to buy presents for Christmas. I went to my grand-parents for five days. They live in Chambéry. It was cold and there was snow. We went skiing and we went on a sled with my little brother. I passed Christmas Eve with my grand parents and my family. It was very good because I love my grand parents and my grand father is very funny. The next morning, my little brother came to fetch me in my bed to open his presents, he was very impatient. I was happy because I had a beautiful present. Then the second week I stayed at home & I invited my friends over. And my cousin stayed at my home for three days to celebrate the New Year. We went shopping. Then on Sunday, we went to my grand parents for the break, There were my uncles, my aunts , and my cousins. I was happy to see them because my cousins live in Lyon and I don't see them very often. We played on the Wii together. I really laughed because my grand mother danced and it was funny. Then in the evening I went to a nightclub with my cousins. On the Monday I woke up at 3 pm and I had to do my lessons.