Aline ♥

Posted on 16/12/2010

Hello, My name's Aline. I am 15 years old. I live in Angers (precisely "Les Rosiers sur Loire") with my parents and my brother. I like football, motorbikes, and my favorite country is Spain (and the Spanish language). I love Shakira and Camila. My favorite movies are "The Green Mile" and "Pearl Harbor", and my favorite book is "Le Vèl' d'Hiv". My favorite football players are David Villa and Lionel Messi. That's all I can say about me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Aline.

Posted on 06/01/2011

Hello! Happy New Year! I don't speak English very well… I live in "La Ménitré", which is 20 miles from Angers. Nothing very interesting happens in my village. There are about 3000 inhabitants. My village is right next to the Loire, which is the longest river in France. We receive many tourists in the summer. I'd prefer to live in Angers though, because I have to take the train every day to go to school. I'm already waiting patiently for my next holidays 'cos it's tiring to get up for school early every morning. Chat to you all again very soon. Cordially, Aline ♥

Posted on 10/02/2011

Hello Blanca! ♥ How are you today? I had an excellent weekend. I went for a ride on my motorbike, and I played football with my friends and my brother. Yesterday evening, we celebrated the French victory against Brazil! I am waiting patiently for our school holidays! What's the weather like in America? Over here, the weather is starting to get warmer as spring is drawing near! Have a lovely day. Chat to you again soon. Bye for now, Aline. ♥

Posted on 18/02/2011

Hello Blanca! ♥ How are you?
Romain and I are very well because in a week we are on holidays! We are going to be able to rest and spend time with our families.
Your messages are a real pleasure to read. Otherwise, school is going fine? What type of job do you want later on? I must run. Hope to chat to you again soon. Aline and Romain ♥

Posted on 26/02/2011

Hello Blanca!
I am delighted to have your news each time you write!
I hope you will succeed in the journalistic job.
Yes, it is true that these images are very shocking; poaching is something really horrible!
I hope to hear from you again very soon. Have a lovely day. Chat to you again soon. Aline ♥

Posted on 07/03/2011

Hello Blanca,
It has been a while since I have had news from you. I hope to hear from you soon!
At the moment, I am on holiday. I am spending most of time with my friends and family. It is very pleasant! Regrettably, there's only one week left before we go back to school!
I hope that everything is well with you?
Talk to you soon.
Cordially, Aline ♥

Posted on 31/03/2011

Today, we saw the last part of 'Bowling for Columbine'.
The documentary portrays Americans as being quite scared. They don't live serenely, as they are stressed. To protect their family, they buy weapons with munitions, because in the United States they sell weapons with facility. The film indicates that the rate of murder is higher in the United States than in countries where weapons are banned.
In order to convince the viewer that this is true, the shooting in Columbine and other examples of gun related violence are presented as proof. During the shooting at Columbine, many students were killed or hurt. In addition to this, the shooting and murder of a child six years of age by a little boy of the same age is presented. The fact that there are 11,000 deaths every year in the USA due to gunshots is also stated during the film.
A lot of people in possession of weapons have never witnessed gunfire, but they are scared! Aline ♥.

Posted on 18/05/2011

Hello Blanca!
It has been a very long time since I came on the site.
I was very busy because during my holidays because I went to the sea for two weeks; I had an enormous amount of fun!
I hope that you are well? I am well yes as I will be soon on my major holiday - it is brilliant!
Talk to you really soon, Aline ♥

[ Bonjour Blanca ! ça fait très longtemps que je ne suis pas venue sur le site, j'étais très occupée, car pendant mes vacances je suis allée à la mer 2 semaines, je me suis énormément amusée ! J'espère que tu vas bien ? Moi oui, je suis bientôt en grande vacance, c'est génial ! A très vite, Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 18/05/2011

Later on, I would like to policewoman. Since I was a young girl, I have liked this job!
I like the taste of danger and the military side of the job! I hope to succeed in my studies to be able to get there!

I saw that you wanted to be a photographer-journalist! It's a very good job as well. I also like photography! Aline ♥

[ Plus tard, j'aimerais être Gendarme, depuis toute petite j'adore ce métier ! J'aime le goût du risque et le côté militaire du métier ! J'espère réussir mes études pour y arriver !
J'ai vu que tu voulais être photographe-Journaliste ? C'est un très beau métier aussi, j'adore aussi la photographie ! Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 19/05/2011

In our country, we have a lot of events that we celebrate! One of which is particularly important - 14 July! This is our National Day where we commemorate the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. The anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution. During the weekend of July 14th, there are fireworks all over the country; it’s a French party!

At Christmas, I celebrate Christmas with my family. We have a meal together and during the meal we eat seafood. The fir tree illuminates the room and we receive our presents on 25th December.
It is my favorite party because I see all my family! ♥

[ A Noël, avec ma famille on se retrouve tous et pendant le repas nous mangeons des fruits de mer, le sapin illumine la pièce et nous recevons nos cadeaux le 25 décembre. C'est ma fête préférée car je retrouve toute ma famille ! ] ♥

Posted on 19/05/2011

Here in Angers, we have a football team, and I’m a big supporter of this team.
I go to many of their matches to encourage them! Our team is "Angers SCO"!
I like football a lot, and I greatly support the French team!
And you, what sport do you like Blanca? Aline ♥

[ Ici à Angers, nous avons une équipe de foot, je les supporte beaucoup. Je vais à beaucoup de leurs matchs pour les encourager ! Notre équipe est " Angers SCO " ! J'adore beaucoup le football et je supporte énormément l'équipe de France ! Et toi, quel sport aimes-tu Blanca ? Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 20/05/2011

Hello Blanca! How are you today?

Another characteristic of my country is that home and family life are very important in France. We eat all our meals together and we eat good French food!

[ Une autre caractéristique de mon pays, ici, la vie familiale est très importante en France. Nous mangeons tout nos repas ensemble avec de bon plats français ! ] ♥

Posted on 22/05/2011

Hello Blanca!
Today, the weather is very beautiful in France!
Today, in the morning, I'm going to see friends play football; and in the afternoon, I'm going to swim in my pool at home with my family! It's great!
Talk to you soon! Aline ♥

[Salut Blanca !
Aujourd'hui il fait très beau en France !
Ce matin je vais voir des amis jouer au football et cet après-midi je vais me baigner chez moi dans ma piscine avec ma famille ! C'est génial !
A très bientôt ! Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 22/05/2011


Here "are" some pictures of my village that are very pretty! I hope you like them. The river that can be seen is the Loire!
Have a good day and chat to you very soon! Aline ♥

[Voici quelques photos de mon village, il est très jolie ! j'espère que tu aimeras, le fleuve que l'on aperçoit c'est la Loire !
Bonne journée, A très bientôt ! Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 22/05/2011

Today I watched "The Green Mile", my favorite movie. It is very moving and sad, but also very endearing! Have you seen it? It is really great and my favorite actor Tom Hanks is in it!
And you, what did you do today?
See you soon, Aline ♥

[ Aujourd'hui, j'ai regardée " La ligne verte ", c'est mon film préféré, il est très émouvant, triste mais très attachant ! Est-ce que tu l'as vu ? Il est vraiment génial, avec mon acteur préféré "Tom Hanks" !
Et toi, qu'as-tu fais aujourd'hui ?
A bientôt, Aline ♥ ]

Posted on 25/05/2011

Hello Blanca, how are you today?
Me, I'm fine; I'm tanned and I swam the whole afternoon with my friends because I had no school.
It was really great!
See you soon! Aline ♥

[ Bonjour Blanca, comment vas-tu aujourd'hui ?
Moi, je vais bien, je me suis baignée et j'ai bronzée toute l'après-midi avec mes amis car je n'avais pas école. C'était vraiment super !
A très bientôt ! Aline ♥ ]