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Renaud Séchan is a singer-songwriter born French in Paris May 11, 1952. With 23 albums totaling nearly 20 million copies, Renaud is one of the most popular singers in France and one of the most famous in the francophone world. He uses his songs to criticize the company big business(?), or pay tribute, or to smile by heavy use of slang in his words. He called himself "the singer annoying" because of his many commitments to causes such as human rights, environmentalism or anti-militarism which are frequently reflected in his songs and have provoked many reactions throughout his career. If they have often been challenged, it he has become over the years one of the most popular French singers. Throughout his career, Renaud has continued to advocate for many causes, some taboo. Most of his songs, when they are not really committed, at least evoke the turning of a couplet about a sensitive artist. This commitment has earned him to proclaim themselves "edgy singer," which became "annoying singer" following the arrest of a woman in a store who yelled "I recognize you! You are annoying the singer! It Became a term widely reported in the media.