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Posted on 16/12/2010
Hi, my name is Alexis. I'm 15 years old. I live in Allonnes, which is a little village next to Saumur. I like sports but, above all, I love badminton. I love motorbikes, all types of music and hanging out with my friends. I go to Jean Moulin High School. My favourite colour is blue like the colour of my eyes. That’s all I can say about me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Alexis :)

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hi, Happy New Year from us all over here! I live in Saumur, which is a town 40 miles from Angers. There are 35000 inhabitants in my town. It is known for its wine. It’s in a pretty nice region in the west of France called 'The Loire Valley'. This region is famous for its vineyards and wines. Most of our wines are sold all over the world. During my Christmas holidays, I went out partying for New Years with my friends - it was great!!. a+ ;)

Posted on 10/02/2011
Hi Danny! How are you? This week we studied the cartoon from the film ‘Bowling for Columbine’. It was great. Last weekend, I went to a party with my friends and I loved it. I am starting to like English. See you later. ;)

Posted on 24/02/2011
Hi Danny. I have just changed our project page; what do you think of it? If you don't like it, just erase it - I won't mind. ;)

Posted on 31/03/2011
A good review of American history from pilgrim times to Rosa Parks, as well as their history of gun use is shown in the cartoon from the film ‘Bowling for Columbine’.

Today we saw the last part of ‘Bowling for Columbine’. Here are my views on this film: I think that the film is very good. In ‘Bowling for Columbine’, Michael Moore carries out an investigation on murders and deaths related to gun violence. He presents a story on a shooting that occurred at a school. He interviews the president of NRA Charlton Heston, who defends gun ownership. He says that being able to carry guns is a right that all Americans have and that it is in accordance with the second amendment of their constitution. Michael Moore also presents the story of the six-year-old boy who shot and killed a girl of the same age using a gun he found at his uncle’s place. This documentary was also produced by Michael Moore.
Alexis Marchand

Posted on 05/04/2011
Hi, I'm happy that in two week, I'll be on holidays. In English, we are creating signs to illustrate what we put on our blogs. I hope you're well. Talk to you soon! Alexis Marchand

Posted 21/04/2011
Hello Danny, I'm super happy because from tomorrow we have holidays, and I think you do too? In France the weather is fine now; it is mostly very hot, so we are making the most of it. For example, this morning after roll call, we only had 1 hour of class. So, afterwards, we went outside and played football. How is it going in the United States? I would like to exchange information about our cultures and traditions. I do not know what your customs are. What do you imagine when you think of France? I think you imagine us with a baguette under our arm and a bottle of wine… Talk to you later.
;)** Alexis Marchand**

National holidays

In France, we celebrate a national holiday every year on 14 July as a tribute to the Festival of the Federation that was held 14 July, 1790. This festival is celebrated with friends. During this day, we do not eat anything special or in particular.
Alexis Marchand