Alexandre C. + Valentin P.

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A Frenchman visits London and works there for some months, and a Frenchman welcomes him.

-Hello !

-Hello, How are you ? Did you have a good trip ?

-Yes, but it was not very long

-How much time will spend time with us ?

-I don't know but certainly a little while

-Have you ever been to London ?

-No, never

-This is an opportunity, you will see and discover this city. It's great and there are lots of monuments to visit !

-This place has an interesting atmosphere and I look forward to discovering it.

-Do you know any people who live in or around the city ?

-Yes, I have a few members of my family that I see very rarely

-From here, you will be able to see them

-I hope to really take advantage of it

-For the visit of the city, what would you prefer to start with ?

-The different parks, because I've never seen the monuments

-To begin, we will visit the apartment where you will live, and you will see, it is large and spacious. In front of Big Ben and the River Thames .

-Great ! I love this landscape

-So, here is a living room and the kitchen, and then the bedroom with a balcony overlooking the city .

-It's great, What a beautiful view !

-You can stay here and you don't have to pay anything extra because I'll take care of everything

-That's very nice of you, and moreover, it's a side where I work (I can't understand the last part of this sentence, sorry

-There are many shops and restaurants in the neighbourhood, You will not get bored !

-We are going to eat somewhere, I want to taste English food after this busy afternoon !

-I know a great restaurant just steps from here, Let's go

-Let's go

-All right

Quite good !