Alexandre C's Presentation of a French city

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My plan :
-Geography (situation, climate and conurbation)
-Urban transport
-Sites and monuments
-Culture (sports, leisure)
-Student population (teaching)


Montpellier is a city in south of the France in the department of ''Hérault'' (34) in the ''Languedoc Roussilon'' region.
It is a resort town surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.
The inhabitants are ''Montpelliérains'' and ''Montpelliéraines''.
It's located midway between the Italian border and the Spanish border.
The temperatures are relatively mild throughout the year. The climate is ''meditérranéen''.
It's a beautiful city and they are many monuments to visit.
Hélène Mandroux is the mayor of Montpellier since 2004.

The sea is located in the cities arround. For example, the beach of ''Palavas les Flots'' :


The demography of the city :


It's a large city, because it's the eight largest city in France !
Shortly before the second world war, the population were beginning to increased for the reason of immigration from countries of the Maghreb and Spain.
The annual growth is always very important. Montpellier counts more 252 000 inhabitants. The city has 252 000 inhabitants but with his suburbs, it has over 536 000 ihabitants.

The city has more different urban transport. The transportation company of the city called ''La TAM (transports agglomération Montpellier)''
The tramway:


They are 2 tram lines and in April 2012, there will be four. The tramway crosses the center of the city and surrounding area overlaps. The department stores are served by the tram' ''Odysseum''.

The bus :


They are 30 bus lines. They allow an exchange between Montpellier and it's periphery.

The train:


The city is served by several major french lines for example :

The airport:


Montpellier has an airport located a few kilometers in the city of Mauguio (about 8km).


This airport serves many European cities, for example :


The car:
The center of the city was rebuilt with pedestrian sidewalks. The traffic in car is difficult.
The motorway a9 desserved the city.

In the city, they are many monuments.

- The Saint Peter's catedral


- The ''fontaine des trois grâces''


- The ''place de la comédie'' with the ''corum'' (convention center) and the ''Polygone'' (shopping center).


- The ''tour des pins''


- The courthouse


- The church (saint-denis, …)


- The castle (La mogère, la mosson…)


The castle called ''La mogère'' with the garden and the plant.

- The triumphal arc
The day : It is a monument located on the door of ''Peyrou'' (A district of the city). The monument has a gold architecture. It is easily for recognizable. It's a beautiful monuments !


The night : The monument is illuminad by a few streets lights.


- The botanical garden
- The ''promenade du Peyrou'' …..

In the city, they are many sports that are available to young people and a old people. (Handball, Basket-ball, Football, Rugby, French boxing, Gymnastics and the water activity, for example: Swimming-pool… )
The principal stadium is ''La Mosson''. There are more 35000 places. This stadium hosted many famous matches, including those of the World Cup Rugby.


To relax, there are three cinemas in the center of the Montpellier.
-The ''Gaumont Multiplex'' with seventeen auditoriums.
-The ''Gaumont Comedie'' with seven auditoriums.
-''Le Royal'' with five autoriums, which is a smallest.

They are a lot of restaurants for savoured the kitchen of Montpellier. They are many traditions !
Montpellier is know for the gastronomy, especially for the delicacies. For example, the ''grisettes'' and the ''oreillettes''.
The ''grisettes'' are shaped black ball candies invented in 1838. The main ingredients are honey and liquorice.


The ''oreillettes'' are crispy fritters eaten with sugar. It's very delicious after dinner !


Montpellier is a city with a lot of students. This is a 7th largest university in France, after Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux and Lille.
There is a Faculty of Medicinie, and three Universities.The two main high schools are :
-High school ''Jean Mermoz'' (5000 student)
-High school ''Joffre'' (4000 student)
They are more 70000 students in the city!


Montpellier is twinned with nine cities.


-Louisville (United States)
-Heidelberg (German)
-Barcelona (Spain)
-Chengdu (China)
-Tiberias (Israel)
-Fez (Morocco)
-Tlemcen (Algeria)
-Jaipur (India)
-Rio de janeiro (Brazil)

Source : Wikipedia-Site de la ville-Google images


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