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I want to become a technician in pharmacy. It is a job that requires less education than being a chemist. This job consists in preparing and issuing drugs. I have been studying in this field ever since I was very young.


The training required for this job:
To do this job, you must get a baccalaureat of STL (Sciences of laboratory techniques) with two more years of training, for to prepare a BP (professionnel certificate) in alternately in school. There are other training for to work in hospital pharmacy, but me, i want to work in an office.
In my family, my aunt does this job in an office.


The logo is a cross which is remind of the medicinal plants and the symbol is a snake to winded around a glass of wine which resembles a caduceus.

For me, the role that environment gave me to do this job is the sale and give the different advice for using drugs. I like the contacts with clients. I am motivated for this project because I like the sciences of subjects, and I'm interested. I'm organized and I like to arrange.
I am confident because this job requires a short studies.
I Must be responsible, attentive, conscientious and careful. This is a job that requires the listening of the medical research, scientific…
What I like in this job, is to learn the different drugs, the symptoms, and give the advice for to cure of various diseases, and give the explanations concerning the taking of medicines.
The salary of the job:
It is rather varied. The middle income is 1300 euros per month in beginning career up to 2600 euros in ending career.


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