Adrien D. + Valentin H.

Corrected text

student are spending 1 month at Mr sandroux's house

???? -hello student , welcome to my house
?? -nice to meet you , Mr sandroux
-So you have come to England to vistit london with some friends for 1 month ?
-no, I've just come here to improve my English and to visit london of course. And so thank you for accepting me in your house for 1 month
-Oh it's nothing, and thank you for coming to my house . But the rules of life in England are different from those in France , you know that ?
-no, I'm here to discover all that , tell my the most important please .
-of course , at first , there is a time difference of one hour, you know that ?
-Yes I know that
-Great , in most houses, breakfast is at 8 AM and we don't eat cereals and the same food as in France
-I know that too. In England you eat bacon for breakfast with potatoes and other food while in France we sometimes eat that for dinner
-nice , so after you can wash yourself and prepare yourself for go out at home , we eat at one PM (I can't understand the last part of this sentence
-but I can eat in a bar or elsewhere
-yes you can , but you must come home before 8 PM because I lock the door at that time
-no problem , and what time must we go to sleep ?
-at whatever time you want , but you wake up at 8 AM
-okay , is that all ?
-no , the most important rule is … not to breakanything in the house ! I have worked hard for everything you see around you
-Nothing will be broken during the month in your house, don't worry
-I hope so, and the final rule is … you must be nice but I know you you are
-of course Mr sandroux , I can do that , oh about being nice , do you want to drink something in the bar not far from your house. I'll invite you !
-no problem Mr student , and what is your name ?
-good , Nicolas , let's go ?
-let's go !
( the 2 characters are at the bar)
-I'll take one whisky , and you Mr sandroux ?
-call me James , I'll take a whisky too
-great James