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Intouchable is a good french movie ,


Philippe a rich people person , after a paragliding accident became paralyzed …
And engage hired an assistant for help it , his name is Driss .
The assistant is a younger young person from the of suburb ! he had do went to jail !
And he had Senegalese origins .
Two univers worlds cross , the top of the society and the low of society , two different environments !
Finally Driss wishes to become an honest citizen , with a woman wife and child !

And they gives a humorous movies ! It is a funny movie.
This movie had do 19 274 748 enters people come to see it , it's very important that's a lot !
It's the third film in the history of the French box office .
The first movie is James Cameron's movies , Titanic in 1997 .
The second movie is Dany Boon's movies , Bienvenue chez les Ch'ti in 2008 .

He It was made executed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano !
The two main characters are François Cluzet and Omar Sy !
And he it may wish get on the American screen on the 25 may 2012 , "The Intouchables "

I like this film because firstely firstly is a comic film and I laugh a lot of :D
It is Touching the love between Driss and Philippe who is destinate who were destined in the beginning of the movies for of a lot of desagreements ; And he relearns to like the life !
He is learning a lot of things because even a handicapped man we can do a lot of think , the love , sport " paragliding " , keep the humor !