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Bonjour! Je m’appelle Samantha M. J’ai quinze ans et j’aime le vélo, mais j’aime prèfère le football. J’adore sortir avec les copains, faire de l’èquitation, nager, et la plage. J’ai gèometrie le matin, l’anglais, la biologie, Eps, et l’après-midi j’aila comptabilitè, le français et l’historie. J’ai le demi-frère(vingt et un), et une demi-soeur (vingt-huit) et le frère (dix-huit).

Sorry I don't know a lot of french so I'm going to write in English for now. This is my first year in french and next year I will be taking it again. How long have you been taking English? What do you want to do when you get older?

Adrien B

My Chrismas holidays began on 17 December :
I went to our holiday house by the sea ! But it was a pitty about the weather because during the last week of school we had a lot of wind and rain .
It had rained a lot but there was no damage to the house , but the neighbor's tree had fallen on our gate ! When I saw our neighbor's house I thought that we were lucky :P
I stayed there 5 days , and then I returned home with my mother to spend. At Chrismas we ate a speciality of France , "foie gras " which is eaten by a lot of people .
I spent Chrimas with my father's family , I ate a lot ! and did a lot of things. I'm happy because I saw all my family !
After 26 December I spent a week with my father in his house. And during this week I went to the shops with my friends on Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday ^^
I spent a very bad New Year's day with my mother , because she didn't want to spend the New Year with my friends …
And I spent Monday doing my homework and working for school , ultimately I think my holiday was relaxing and cool :P

It seems like you were very lucky that the tree only feel on your gate and not you house. Its cool that you have a holiday house by the sea. I wish that my house was.. :D I spent my winter break with my family. We ate a lot of food on Christmas. On New Years Eve my best friend and I babysat my cousin's two boys and we had a lot of fun! What did you get for Christmas? I got a digital camera, a Nook book reader, and some clothes.

For Chrismas I got clothes , a trip to Africa and money ^^ ,
Going back to school is hard because during the holidays , I used to wake up at 10 o'clock :P
But during the school week I wake up at 5:40 am, it's completely different !
On Monday I met my friend again ! , I didn't see my friends during the entire holidays :S or just a few !

I've always wanted to travel. Going to Africa should be very fun. What part of Africa are you going to go to? I didnt see any of my friends over the holidays either but now that i'm back in school I see them everyday! :D I hate having to wake up early in the morning too on weekdays.

I will be going to Burkina Faso ^^ , this is the second time I will have been to Africa !
When did you wake up the morning ? but before : during the holidays? Before this I had to cycle … 5 km … The good point is that with the money I got at Chrismas I bought a scooter^^
I am happy ;)

Quand est-ce que tu vas? I wake up at 6h20. Jaime le vélo, mais je préfère le football! <3 C'est cool!

I will go to Africa on the 13 February And I don't practise any sport ^^"
What did you do at the weekend ??
Me , I saw my best friend , but she was having a basket ball competition … Therefore I went to the Cinema when she was having her competition :P
And on Sunday , I did my homework in the morning , because next week I will have 3 tests , a hard week ^^"
In the Afternoon I saw my Family for eat the cake of the king ^^ !

C'est cool! What are you going to do in Africa. On the weekend i help my grandparents around the house and in winter I help plow the snow.
J'adore le cinéma et Transformers et footloose! :D
J'adore gâteau! :D

In Africa , I will visite this country ^^
And I think to plow the snow is very funny , In france we haven't got snow ! Because it's warm; in the winter it's 8°C !
And I saw Transformer 1 and 3 but no 2 … And my favorite film is Inception or Shutter Island !
I found a series the last monday "Terra Nova" it's really cool ! I love it ^^
I like cake two mostly crumble :P

I wish we wouldnt get so much snow :( I hate being cold!!Je déteste avoir froid. J'aime l'été!
I've only watched parts of Inception but the parts I saw were really good :D
Oh, I like crumble cake too!

Have you got a favorite serie ?
And I think you should see Inception ,
And I saw the trailer of footloose , I think it's a good movie ! What is the fruit do you prefere with the crumble ???
And what is your favorite cake ? ^^

My favorite scene is when the girl first learns about inception and Leonardo Dicaprio is showing her how to alter the dreams.
Footloose is a very good movie. C'est super cool! You should watch it! ;)
Je préfère pommes.
My favorite cake is vanilla with strawberry filling. :D What is yours?

My favorite Cake is crumble , I love this cakes ^^ with banana , Nectarine but it's very long at peeled ^^"
And I like two this scene ! when the town is change !
Do you know Terra Nova ?

I love banana bread. Have you ever had it? C'est super!
I have seen the commercial for Terra Nova but I've never watched it.
J'adore Bones et Criminal Minds! :D C'est intéressante!

I know Bones but , I don't know Criminal Minds ^^"
But Terra Nova , I love this series !
And , I don't know banana bread , I saw the picture and I think it's good !
When are you go to Holiday ?

I think that I will have to watch Terra nova now! :D
You should try bannana bread, its really good!
At the beginning of january we got back from break. our next holiday is in April.
When is yours?

My next Holiday is in 1 week :D
And for this break I go in Africa ! Monday 13 ;)
I could speack with you during approximatly 13 days , I return in France the satursday25 !
And in France , the snow is falling today ! I like snow , it's really cool !

I wish we had a break! It should be fun in Africa! HAVE FUN!!
I like watching it snow but I hate being cold, that's why summer is my favorite season!

I love spring two ! this season isn't cold or hot , he is perfect !
Today I do a wars ball with of snow , it's really :P
I'm A child x)
And you do you like wars of snow ball ??
And What did you do in your week end ?

I love to have snowball fights! C'est cool! :D
My brother and I have always have a snowball fight in winter!
Last week I went to see my dad, who just got back from deployment. It was a lot of fun! We went to bowling and went to the park.
Do you know what bowling is? If so do you play it?
What did you do on your weekend?

I know Bowling , I do this activities with my friends :)
And I income Africa , and in this country it's very hot ^^
26°C the night and 40°C the day , it's a great differents than France :P
I saw a lot of animals , and insect x)

what was your favorite animal you saw?
In Okanogan it gets very hot in the summer too :D
Qu'est-ce que tu comme sport en hiver?