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Les Bronzés


It be know that there many film of Bronzés:
-les Bronzés (1978)
-Les Bronzés font du ski (1979)
-Les Bronzés 3, Amis pour la vie (2006)

First of all, it's a film that dates back to 1978 (it 's a large classical for French people) and which was made by the comedy of Patrice Leconte. The film satirizes life at holiday resorts such as club med. In film there are great french actors such as Christian Clavier, Josiane Balasko, Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugniot, Anne-Marie Chazel and Michel Blanc.


Moreover, this is the same who wrote the movie , finally, we must know they were part of the french company "Le Splendid". And there, they got the idea to write, to create together the play "amours, coquillages et crustacés" which is now the film "Les Bronzés". In addition, this film won the status of worship in France, and it has sold 2.2 million during his trip to the movies.

All first, in the film th caracters are named:
Josiane Balasko – Nathalie Morin
Marie-Anne Chazel – Gigi
Michel Blanc – Jean-Claude Dusse
Gérard Jugnot – Bernard Morin
Thierry Lhermitte – Popeye
Christian Clavier – Docteur Jerome Tarere
Luis Rego – Bobo
Michel Creton – Bourseault
Dominique Lavanant – Christiane
Martin Lamotte – Miguel

this film is about a group of people more precisely of gigi;christiane a beautician , jérome a doctor , nathalie and bernard a couple and popey a go at club med.
Gigi, Jerome, Christiane, Jean-Claude, and Bernard visit a resort in the Ivory Coast, the Club Med village of Assinie. Bernard subsequently meets up with his wife, Nathalie, who has already spent a week there, and they are all welcomed by Popeye and the eccentric emcees, Bobo and Bourseault. The film follows the humorous couplings and uncouplings of the group, and especially Popeye's attempt to seduce record numbers of women. (dans tes mots?)
And jean-claude which has sometimes disasters.
I love this film because it's fun from beginning to end.
There are all kinds of funny scenes and made ​​fun of friends on holiday.
I get tired of looking at Jamis, I even know it by heart and I think all the actors who play great together. I love Les Bronzés font du ski even though many people say that is void of course I found it is not half as good as the previous but is still good and to finish my critque josiane Balasko is preferred.