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My ideal future job later would be a Veterinary Technician (technicien des services vétérinaires ).

This job consits to inspect a monitoring of quality and of security .
Their field of action covers our imediate environnemant . It is also to monitor all satge of the food chain and ensure the implementation of guidelines and national and european laws.

Example of analysis:


Theme: veterinary service, meat inspection, animal diseases
Region or city: Seine
Document Dates: 1929-1934

Veterinary services are the guarantors of security and quality of food products.françaisanglaisarabeThey provide food inspection,they monitor the sanitation of premises and conditions of food handling, transportation and their sale,
they record the food unfit for consumption,they perform the necessary samples for laboratory analysis and they punish offenses by preparing the minutes.

In addition there are many kinds of technical services.
There are technicians of health services and animal welfare; they conduct their field missions for the monitoring and enforcement of animal health measures and control of communicable diseases to man or having a significant economic impact. By controlling for transport of animals, taking care to "welfare" of animals in institutions where they are held (kennels, shelters, exhibitions, markets, zoos, amusement rides, laboratories …), by performing various samples (milk, blood, organs from corpses …) for diagnostic or laboratory testing of communicable diseases.

And there are also environemental service technicians.They ensure the protection of the environement.Inspecting agricultural and food establishments that pose risks of pollution and ensure that standards and regulations are followed and carry out checks on the occasion of complaint (noise, odor, spill …).

But to do this job there are conditions of admissions that is to say Must hold a Level IV (bac, bac pro, BTA or equivalent) or higher (BTS), being of French nationality and enjoy full civil rights.

To enter the contest senior technician veterinary services do not have inconsistent statements listed in Notice No. 2 of the criminal record and is in a regular position with regard to the national service code.

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