Adeline C.


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.My name is Adeline Chivot
Currently I am studying in high school in Angers Jean moulin
I'm nineteen years
I live in Villevêque is next to angers
I am the first STL
Outside of class, my activitées are out with my friends
go to clubs, to parties together …
my favorite is the story above
is almost the only subject where I have a very good average
Later I want to do two jobs: one is veterinary hygiene in the kitchen and the second group is more in religion.
After my degree I want to do a bts in food testing and after the Protestant university of strasbourg

My Christmas holidays:
On the first Friday evening I went away with a friend for the weekend & I returned on Sunday, but the second weekend was very quiet compared to usual.
During the first week of vacation I hardly went out, I stayed in to help my mother and stepfather.
Then on Friday evening we set up the sound system for Christmas and we started to celebrate that evening:)
Then on Saturday it was Christmas Eve with my family, uncle, cousins, and my best friends, we partied until 7 am Sunday morning. Then, we all got up to open our gifts.
It was a wonderful & unforgettable Christmas.
The second week I did my lessons and on Saturday night (: New Year's Eve) I spent time with my best friend. It was an exellent evening.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012


hi!!thomas. My names is Adeline chivot, I'm 20 years old. ? And you? How was school? For me it is great I have undermined figured out from (?) the beginning was to remember where the rooms were. They What are your hobbies? Me, I like to go clubbing to dance but not especially to have a good time with all my friends,I also like going to the movies and make out with my friends =) What have you planned to do this summer?My parents are getting married me was which is too great. I will organize all maiage the whole marriage with my sister and my parents' friends, I also plan to work in the fields and with the money I gagneais make I'll go with friends for a week in Spain.